Red Black Vampires for M13. Take a look

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So this is my black red vampire deck. it comes out pretty strong but havent play tested it enough to figure out how effective it is of a dec. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I am keeping it Vampire only. As well i want to add in Vampire Nocturnus but not sure for what. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Land x24
Dragonskull Summit x3
Evolving Wilds x4
Mountains x9
Swamps x8

Creatures x20
Vampire Nighthawk x3
Bloodline Keeper x3
Stromkirk Captain x3
Bloodcrazed Neonate x2
Falkenrath Exterminator x2
Markov Blademaster x1
Rakish Heir x3
Havengul Vampire x2
Heirs of Stromkirk x1

Spells x16
Go For The Throat x3
Dismember x2
Grim Affliction x2
Pillar of Flame x2
Curse of Stalked Prey x2
Increasing Vengeance x2
Volt Charge x1
Thunderous Wrath x2
You have 33 non-black cards vs 27 black cards, so don't even think about Nocturnus.  Vampire Nighthawk should be a 4 of imo.  He's such a good 3rd turn drop.  Volt Charge is pretty cool in there with all those +1/+1 counters.
Lowering your mana curve should be a priority
You could replace Bloodcrazed Neonate with Stromkirk Noble. He's so much better. One mana is much more cost effective than two that has to attack every turn. Also, get 4 of them

Land x22
Dragonskull Summit x4
Mountains x10
Swamps x9

Creatures x19
Vampire Nighthawk x4
Bloodline Keeper x2
Stromkirk Captain x3
Markov Blademaster x2
Rakish Heir x2
Hellrider x2
Stromkirk Noble X4

Spells x18
Go For The Throat x4
Dismember x2
Gut Shot x3
Curse of Stalked Prey x2
Volt Charge x3
Thunderous Wrath x2
Doom Blade x2

I feel like this build is a lot more aggressive and quick. I took out two drops so you can freely doom blade/go for the throat and swing tempo your way or play the curse so your Stromkirk Noble can get fat quick. I like the proliferate/adding counters mechanic but feel like too much is devoted to it so I took out some of that. And I know Hellrider isn't a vampire but he can win close games or when things look bleak and pairs especially nicely with the Keeper, also.
Have you thought about adding more black? then the Vampire Nocturnus effect would work a lot better. I'm currently running similar to you but with 2 Vampire Nocturnus and 4 Duskmantle Prowler. If u r playing for fun, u could also add Dark Ritual, so as to get a Nighthawk out first go. I'm also running Vampiric Fury in my deck which works really well for a finishing move.
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