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Why are Gr tron builds running relic of progenitus mainboard? Is it for the draw and general utility of graveyard removal?

I'm no expert on Modern, but it's probably both.  The graveyard hate is good against some decks, and it is always a cheap cantrip.

I didn't see a single Tron list at the GPT I went to a week ago (made top 8 woo!) so I can't say this from experience, but I'm guessing it has to do with patching matchups.

I would say the deck is weakest to any combo (aside from Land hate, but I think any good tron player is preparing for that) that races it better which would be things like storm, eggs, living end, etc. and relic shuts down a lot of that preboard and is still helpful post. Against Jund (which has land hate) it hits goyf and the recursion engine if they're running loam. It hits snapcaster and/or goyf in delver lists, and could nail a myriad of creatures in pod.

Fairly useless against soul sisters, but I imagine tron has a great win % against them anyways. Off the top of my head it's only fairly dead to very dead against fae and affinity as far as recent top finishers goes.

I suppose I can see the logic if I'm running something that comforts me in those two matchups. I know I'm certainly upping my relic count from 2 to 3 in board. That card was nuts all tourney.
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