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I've got a Corellon Kenku Seeker for a 4e game.  I'm figuring on making him twitchy and curious like a bird.

Does anybody have some links to Kenku stuff?  I can't find anything for flavor.

 There's only one 4E article on the kenku as far as I'm aware. The "Winning Races: Kenku" article in Dragon411...  You need to be a DDI subscriber to read it.


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I'll check out my local gaming store for it.  Thanks.
Dragon magazine is an E-Zine, so I'm afraid you cannot purchase a physical copy.
Well, crap.  How big is the article?  Is it any good?  Would it help with personalities?
The article is only 5 pages long. It has plenty of fluff in it, so it should help inspire if you're playing using the base assumptions of races. You could grab a one month subscription for a few bucks and have access to the article as well as all other dungeon and dragon E-Zine content to this point, so it's not a bad idea. It may even help your other players and your DM out as well.

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