Tarot TCG

I have developed a trading card game concept based on the tarot cards, where the idea is to be the last player with cards in your deck. You activate a card with it's costs, where every card has two choices for costs, either by discarding cards from the top of your deck, or putting cards from your discard pile back into your deck. Every card has an effect, which highly-customizes the game!

Every card would have a penalty and a reward. You have to choose between them! Say for instance, there are rewards for discarding cards as much as there are penatlties for putting cards back on top of your deck! If you want to discard your opponent's cards to their discard pile, they may activate an effect that instead makes them put twice as many back on top of their deck! Or if you want to reward yourself by putting cards back into your deck, your opponent will have to discard that many cards from their deck.

The possibilities are limitless, as there are several different tarot decks! This game would need to be simple and easy to play, but hard to win! If Wizards of The Coast would like to pick-up this idea, then I hereby give them non-exclusive rights to publish this game, with attribution to Joseph D. Smith!

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