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Hello my fellow neckbeards (no offense). I am in need of your help.

We just hit Epic destiny in our play group and in a role-playing blunder, I managed to enrage my Raven Knight Paladin enough to where he executed me Anne Boleyn, Charles I or Louis XVI style. It was quite Epic if you will. Pun intended. I had the option of my god interfering and granting me a saving throw "to be saved", but I failed miserably.

So now I am re-rolling into another leader. I want it to be a Gnome for sure. I've fooled around with a Gnome Cleric. Taking Anointed Champion and Saint as my PP and ED respectively, while multi-classing Fighter to get the Gnome Weapon expertise and Small Warriors Defense feats. I really enjoyed how rounded the character was in the defense catagory. 41 AC, 38 Fort, 37 Reflex and 39 Will I believe. But I could not get into it from a role-playing stand point. An Arcane based humanoid using Divine magic. Just didn't feel right.

Second attempt is now this Artificer. The problem I am running into however, is that I want to be more like a tinkerer or mechanic. Dare I say like Gnomes from WoW. Forgive me. I'm not sorry and I don't love you. I had this grand idea that I would Multi-class Psion to qualify me for the Psion PP Thrallheard. Flavoring the PP to be a Warforged creation of mine to be used kind of like a body guard. Think Full Metal Alchemist, to an extent. When I take the Awakend Potential feat for Psions however, it gives me the Psionic Augmentation class feature taking away all of my Artificer encounter powers and only allowing me to take Artificer at-wills that I cannot Augement. I also have 15 power points when I should only have two (four with the PP). The power point issue is just a bug with a CB. My question to you fellow DnD fanatics, how do I get around this little Psionic Augmentation problem. Can I? Is it possible? Do we have the technology?

Even Hybrid Psions obtain the Psionic Augmentation feature.

Any insight on the matter would be grand. Or any other ideas you gentlemen have fooled around with in the past.

Thanks Broskis. 

 This post is actually a rules question...

 Actually, this is a character builder question - Awakened Potential has, by the rules, no effect on the powers of your base class. All it does is give you a power point to use with augmentable powers - it doesn't give you any augmentable powers if you don't already have any - and count as a multiclass feat. If you want to grab any psion powers to use it with, you'll need to take the power-swap feats.

I'm pretty sure the character builder is overwriting your regular powers with psionic augmentation when it shouldn't.

 You'll need to ask about this on the DDI forum since it's a character builder issue.


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