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I live in Eastern Europe and seek an on-line gaming group, via skype or something similar, via virtual table of somekind.
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hi, im from england and would am interested in an online gaming group also. I have been on tangled web recently but have not managed to get a game as im new to online type D&D.I really want to give it a go though so message me back and maybe we could get started.
Hey, same here im english and it would also be my first time online but i would love to play let me know
hey spunkie, we are setting up a game right now infact, but only want mature players,how old are you?
I'm 39, in Europe and would love to join an online 4E game with skype and any sort of VT. I've played most d&d editions and have 3 years of expereince with the fourth edition. Would love to play ... my e-mail is and my skype is lightful_now

Please don't hesitate to get in tuch if you need more players
Hi! I'm another English player interested in any spots you may have available (or even just to observe, if that's OK, as I've not played online expect by PBP before! That was extensive, though)

Played 2e at uni, got all the 3e books when they came out, but didn't get to play much. Not that familiar with 4e, though.
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