Xbox 360: Opponent conceding means you go up points automatically?

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Hey, sorry I havent really been keeping up with the threads since release have been too busy so dont know if this has been answered elsewhere. But when I play on 360 and opponent concedes, he is replaced by AI. There isnt an option to turn this off. But im curious, if opponent concedes do I automatically get the points for the win? Or do I need to continue on fighting and beat the AI to get points? Thanks
I think it count's as a win either way, which it's why it's so stupid to have it as an unchangeable default in ranked.   
Well thats good about the win.. glad. but sucks about the card, ive been unlocking the lifegain deck today via multiplayer. Lot of fun btw.. my favorite deck so far, cant wait to get more chastise and swords to plowshare, day of judgement.
 I was playing Talrand the other day and had a brilliant win over Krenko when I got the Pan-optic mirror loaded with Rite of Replication and he quit. Then while in the process of trying to overkill the AI I accidentally replicated my Sphinx of Lost Truths, not noticing how low my library was and milled myself to death
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