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Hey everyone,
So I'm going to be playing a Cleric in an upcoming game, and I'm thinking about using the Watershaper theme from Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. I'm just wondering how I'm going to incorporate the elemental part or the theme with the divinity of the Cleric.

Any answers are appreciated. 
There are a few different ways you might go with that.

You might worship a god of the storm or sea domain, and consider yourself a living aspect of your god.

You might consider your elemental nature a blessing bestowed upon you for your faithful service to your god.

You might consider yourself cursed by your elemental nature, and started worshipping your god hoping for guidance towards a cure, or seeking atonement for whatever sin led to your curse.

Maybe they're separate things. Perhaps you're actually an elemental creature who came to this plane and your worship of your deity is entirely separate from your nature.

Or you could talk to your DM about it. He/she might be able to come up with a fun idea that ties into the campaign's plot.
Those are great ideas, thanks a bunch!
You're very welcome! Cheers.
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