06/27/2012 LI: "For Every Color There is a Creature"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
OK Wizards, we get it, you want blue and white to be the best color combination.
I like this cycle, if only because I'm surprised to see something almost multicolor in a core set. After being a little disapointed in how narrow multicolor felt in Alara, I think I just discovered these sort of 1 of color bonuses were what I liked about Ravnica (my favorite block) the most. Come to think of it, those were also some of my favorite Invasion block cards too. Here's hoping this is a sign about Return to Ravnica? eh? maybe? wink wink. nudge nudge?

or maybe these are just fodder for campy Necrotic Ooze singleton decks

Flinkhoof Boar and Harbor Bandit are by far my favorite. They have the best flavor IMO (you can light a fire under the boar's butt to get it kickstarted. *snarff*) and I think they're most likely to see some real play.

Also Arctic Aven makes me realize that I want to see Snow come back. A Snowy core set: now that will be jaw dropping.


The reason why the elephant is not so underwhelming is that this ability is naturally better on things with higher mana costs (the chances of having both a plains and a forest on turn 4 is better than the chance of having them on turn 2).
I wish they had gone the other way around the color wheel so that they could reprint Hedge Troll. Even if that goes against the current color pie...
I wish the Boar could get first strike instead of haste. Haste is great and all, but it leaves me with the same bad taste that Crimson Mage did; haste is amazing for one turn, unlike trample, lifelink, regeneration and becoming unblockable, which are always useful.

It also would've been nice to have a cycle going clockwise (white with Island-boost and a blue ability, blue with a Swamp-boost and black ability, etc), but what we've been given is very good; I really like the Bandit and the Muckwader (as close to a Sedge Troll reprint as we'll ever get).
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What's funny is that you said you'd pay four mana for a 3/3 and Prized Elephant is a 3/3 for four. And if you have a forest it's a 4/4 for four.
What's funny is that you said you'd pay four mana for a 3/3 and Prized Elephant is a 3/3 for four. And if you have a forest it's a 4/4 for four.

There were some more words underneath the picture of the elephant which you maybe ought to have read.
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