{PLANESHIFTED }Homebrew Campaign Storyline idea, PEACH?

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Hello, and thank you for checking out my thread!

Anyhow, the spark of DMing has recently been ignited within me and I've been coming up with ideas for D&D campaigns to send my friends on. This is the idea I like most fondly so far (yes, I did take some motivation from a certain older PC game, if you pick up that vibe).

The PC's are adventurers (as usual) who are hired by an elderly wizard to investigate a strange source of magic that he has recently detected. When the PC's investigate the area, they find a very small ruin inside a cave. In that ruin, they find a single room. In that room is a stone pedestal with a dingus on it (dingus as in object I haven't named yet) that radiates magic, and a skeleton in ragged robes with a very old book in its arms. The book has text in a script that doesn't even look remotely familiar to what the PC's have EVER seen. When they touch the dingus, the party is transported to another plane. 

I'm not sure what'll happen immediately when the PC's are transported, but I'll think of something. Anyhow, the PC's soon discover that this plane is in the midst of a massive war between Gitzerai, Githyanki, Shardminds, and maybe a few other factions. The dingus is also stolen from them. They soon discover that the dingus is actually the ignition key to starting up a long lost and very ancient though immensely powerful and massive golem of war that ALL the factions would do almost anything to get their hands on.

The PC's then need to find out WHERE this golem could be and get to it, and activate it. They also need to choose a faction to join, if they want to.  But once they activate the golem, they discover that they can't control it and it just goes BERZERK destroying everything, no matter who they are. They then need to find a way to shut it down.

Of course, all those (like any objective in D&D) is optional and possibly eclipsed by their goal of getting back to their own plane.

What do you think?
Hey Killjoy,

Personally, I like it. Its underdeveloped, and fleshing it out with multiple stages will skyrocket the quality. Anyways though, what level is the campaign starting in? It would seem like a paragon campaign as it may be more difficult to run at lower levels. The only problem i see as of yet is that normal player backgrounds may become obsolete in the planeshift, so giving each character and player an engaging and personal reason to go after the dingus, go home and ignore the possibility of a giant collussus following them, and just plain continue adventuring is more essential.

Hope this helps

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