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Has anyone got any bard songs for role play reason? please make them short but good?
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Has anyone got any bard songs for role play reason? please make them short but good?

You are probably best to find a few standards that have a "middle-ages" kind of feel and listen to them enough to get a feel for the meter and rhyming scheme. It is then not too hard to add some lyrics that fit what your party is up to. A lot of these songs are pretty straightforward, lyrically, and have simple rhyming patterns. For a very generic example:
         .                      .
"The Par-ty of Pee-Cees set out
              .                    .
that-the E-vil dragon They may rout
         .                     .
from Ne-verwinter They set sail
         .                             .
and Braced against the Ful-some gale."

I didn't even think as I wrote that, I just kept on typing. I won't be getting a Grammy, but that sort of simple writing is a good starting point.

Of course, "Brave Sir Robin" from Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail is a classic, and is quite accessible.
Once you work through that, Greensleeves, Scarborough Faire, and Scots Wa Hae are all pretty easy to work with for these purposes. The last three are all public domain, of course, and not hard to find.
Redwall man.  The series is full of songs.  Mainly about food but what better way to motivate a party on a long march?

Anyhow here's a bunch of the songs.
That's the Stuff to Eat!

That's the Stuff to Eat!

I won't eat pie or pudden,
Filled with grass an' roots,
For me a tart's a good 'un,
With ripe plump juicy fruits.
Take some cherries an' blackberries,
Honey so thick an' sweet,
In golden crust, all fit to burst,
Aye that's the stuff to eat, mates,
That's the stuff to eat!
Say nay who can, to mushroom flan,
All baked with onion sauce,
Unless you think 'tis better than
A crisp green salad course,
Sup cider pale, or nutbrown ale,
Oh isn't lunch a dream,
Surrounded by an apple pie,
With lots of meadowcream, mates,
Lots of meadowcream!

The Rowtledy Dow

The Rowtledy Dow

Oh rowtledy dowtledy doodle hi ay,
We're full of plum duff an' salt water!
Now the Rowtledy Dow was a leaky ole craft,
With aprons an' kerchiefs for sails fore an' aft,
An' all of her crew thought the cap'n was daft,
An' he was sure they was all barmy!
Her anchor was made from a big rusty pot,
That they hauled up each mornin' to serve dinner hot,
But the crew was too slow so the cook scoffed the lot,
An' a seagull flew off with the pudden!
So 'tis heave away mateys the wind's blowin' west,
An' the cabin mole's wearin' his grandma's blue vest,
While the mate's got a blanket tattooed on his chest,
To keep his fat stummick from freezin'!
Well there's fish in the sea better mannered than we,
For they washes their flippers an' don't slop their tea,
An' we'd be better off on the land don't yer see,
'Cos I think that the ould ship is sinkin'!
Oh rowtledy dowtledy doodle hi ay,
Nail a pie to the door for me mother!

Rambling Rosehip Players


Rambling Rosehip Players

Oh, we're the Rambling Rosehip Players,
And we please both old and young.
O'er field serene and forest green
Our praises have been sung.
We're the Rambling Rosehip Players,
And we'll take on any part,
Bring a tear to your eye to make you cry
Or joy to the saddest heart.
Through the road be though and the patch run rough
And the weather be cold or grey,
With a smile and a song we'll travel along
On our Rambling Rosehip way. Hey!

Freedom Feast

Freedom Feast

Hey, give me cake and bring me ale,
And pudding ripe with plums,
Some cider, dear, so cool and clear,
To swill round teeth and gums,
Some round and golden mellow cheese,
And light brown nutbread, if you please,
With honey made by happy bees,
And I will be contented.
O fie the creature with long face
Who nibbles small and can't keep pace
With tarlets filled full berryfruit
And yellow meadowcream to boot,
Or soup with pepper and hotroot,
And burdock ale to quench it.
Oh, eat up, neighbour, drink up, friend,
May good fortune have no end.
Success to all that you intend,
And leave the pots till morning!

And there's a lot more like that.
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