Dungeon 203 - Beastiary: Perils of the Astral Sea

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Perils of the Astral Sea
by Doug Hyatt

The Astral Sea is an endless space that surrounds the realms of gods, devils, and other advanced beings. It also connects those realms to the worlds of mortals, and some of the most dangerous villains that heroes might ever meet make their homes here. From the majestic mountains of Celestia to the depths of the Nine Hells, the Astral Sea embodies high fantasy.

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Just thought I'd point out this article was written by Michael Shea, not me.  (I think it somehow inherited the author of the last Bestiary article).
Anyway "page cannot be found" error.
No surprise since the link is incorrect. Change the 200 in www.wizards.com/dnd/downloads/dungeon/200/ article name into 203.
I have to say, I'm really enjoying these epic-level monsters.  More please...
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