How do I handle travel through the wilderness/dangerous planes?

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The thing is, I want to make use of the many interesting rules on travelling through the wilderness, but I can't see how to make it interesting. I currently feel like my best option is to narrate the journey (and to summarize it at that too) and PERHAPS to ask for rolls. I WANT them to roll and possibly get lost in the wilderness, but the rules are so SPECIFIC to the hour. I'd have to ask the players to roll per HOUR of every day to see if they're lost or for the many other nuances of travel, it just seems to get bog down so quickly. I plan for the players to travel a LOT in other planes and the ones that look like they're going to give me the most trouble would be limbo and possibly pandemonium (I currently play pathfinder, but when I compared THEIR manual of the planes with the 3/3.5 (not sure which one) version, I was very disappointed).

How do I handle travel through the planes where the elements force players to roll once every ten minutes? Limbo looks like a real pain to handle in addition to elemental planes.

I don't want to treat travel as merely a transition phase where I say 'it take you thirteen days to get there' or such, I want them to feel the wilderness and its dangers, that goes more than doubly so for the planes.
… the 3/3.5 (not sure which one) version …

The 3.0 book about planes was called Manual of the Planes, and the 3.5 one was called Planar Handbook.

Get an average roll for each PC. Use that for the bulk of it provided everything goes according to plan. If something crazy happens, or off of their plan, have them make a check then. "I think we are gonna stay an extra day to check out this acid waterfall" or "We are going to pal around with these gith pirates" for example. I'd just ignore the "roll every 10 min in character" bit and use the charts for results. 

Maybe if something happens until the next check say it lasts about 10 min, and call for another check to see if it changes. Keep doing that until it changes or ends. 

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It has been my experience that completely eliminating the "random"ness of encounters and rolls for overland travel has proved, in my case, to be successful. I am not big on scrounging up an encounter while my players are sitting there staring at the wall. All of my encounters, including getting lost, are all planned on my part. So, when the players do get lost, you actually have some story telling that is planned. The other thing about random encounters is that when the players see you reading through the DMG or MM after some dice have been rolled, they will start thinking about what they are going to do if it is an encounter and are ready for it. How "random" is that?

Also, in my campaign, players do not roll dice for what they would be unaware of. For instance, I would never let my players roll the dice to check if they are lost. It alters the way they would roll play the situation. Another example would be hide checks. Obviously if they roll a 2 or 3 and not the 20 they were looking for, they are going to play out their next few moves differently than what they would otherwise.
Obviously if they roll a 2 or 3 and not the 20 they were looking for, they are going to play out their next few moves differently than what they would otherwise.

THIS is also another problem that I think I have to find a solution for, mainly because if they roll even a sense motive and get a number that low, they'll assume/know they've failed. I'm thinking I may take the advice of someone from the paizo forums for this: Have the players roll 5 will saves, 5 sense motives and 5 perception checks (and in this case, 5 hide/stealth (for PF) checks) at the start of the game and then I'd record them for automatic use when the chance crops up.
Another way to do it would be to have them make random rolls that mean nothing, so even if they get the 2 or 3, they can plan for an ambush... that never happens.
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