White weenies makes a comback!

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I feel that after Mental Misstep, Gutshot, and Vapor Snag makes their way out of standard white weenies will definetly be an archetype again and this is my idea for it post m13:

One drops;
X4 Warclamp Mastiff
X4 Champion of the parish
X4 Doomed Traveler

Two Drops;
X4 Nearhearth Pilgrim
X4 Gather the Townsfolk

Three drops;
X4 Midnight Haunting
X4 Ajani, Caller of the Pride
X3 Rally the peasants
X3 Silverblade paladin

Four drops;
X3 Sublime Angel
X2 Restoration Angel

X21 Plains

X4 Thalia
X4 Oblivion Ring
X3 Knight of Glory
X4 Call to Serve

The only exalted creature I like so far is Knight of Glory and Sublime Angel and Knight of Glory is a side board card at best so I included Rally the peasants to be diverse just in case Sublime isn't drawn. The side board is shaky and of course it should get better with the release of ravnica. Oh and fourteen main board non creature spells equals no main board Thalia.
I feel like this deck wants nearheath pilgrim.
Next thing you will tell me Browbeat is bad.
Didn't even think about that dude. Definetly him over the Sunstriker.
Splashing for Lingering Souls seems too good to pass up. Honor of the Pure is probably getting reprinted, and it's better than Rally the Peasants without red. Also, if your decklist includes Warclamp Mastiff, something is wrong. If it's just a placeholder for hopefully Elite Vanguard, that's okay.

I don't see why you can't play this deck in the upcoming standard when M13 comes out. It's silly to design decks for Return to Ravnica standard at this point. It doesn't seem too weak for FNM even in the current field.
I could be wrong, but I think what could help is maybe also going with a slight exalted route. Cathedral of War could be added, you already have the angel. I personally like Emancipation Angel (nothing to do with exalted, but still an effective 3 drop), but that is my personal preference. I also don't particularly think you are making enough use of Restoration Angel's ability. You are either going to bounce a human to pump Champion, or you are going to bounce a soulbound creature to change targets, both of which are OK plays, but nothing spectacular. Delver loves him so much because they get to re-snapcaster by playing it, idk just my opinion on what I see. Also may want to add Faith's Reward as an anti-boardwiper.
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