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Did two versions of this, one "normal" and this on "Dark Sun" ;)

Preview pic

Full sized image here:
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Very cool. I really like how the sun looks. It seems like the mountain should be slighltly out of focus, currently it's sharply in focus and takes away from the wyvern as the subject.  Also, the wyvern's form is almost inline with the mountain so it's a bit confusing to the eye.

It seems like a bit more color would help, instead of giving everything a yellow wash. Make the sky more olive and the sun more orange?

I like how the wyvern's tail is up over it's head like a scorpions'. The strata in the rock looks cool and the valley in the back looks good.

Good jbo Silverblade!

I'll second Raddu's opinion (heehee, almost typed Raggu for some strange reason)
Just getting back into art after months away from it (not relaly by choice, sigh , health issues)

new art PC, whipped that up quick as test, so, not perfect, but only took 2 hours to render at extreme quality which was huge improvement over last art PC ;)

the sky IS olive, but what happens at sunset....? ;)

glad ya like it though
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