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All enduring wargames have gone through numerious errata updates and followup editions.  When Set ll is released a new rulebook and/or revised cards could be included.  What is wrong with this game ?

1.  As a WWll avaition buff ... I am highly offended by the selective application of the "Poor At Altitude" SA given to the P-40 and Typhoon.  I ASSUME that the P-39 will also suffer from this SA.  And ... Yes ... it is true that these aircraft suffered from perfromance problems at higher altitudes.  That said ... any aircraft without turbo supercharging or a two stage, two speed supercharger will also suffer the exact same problems ... which includes almost every aircraft in this game ... including the FW 190.  Did the designers of this game not do the homework ?    

2. I let this slide before ... but I bring it up again.  Why does the BF 109F have a lower dive number then the other 109s ?  The given answer was compressibility.  While there is a grain of truth in this answer ... the 109F model was probably the first of the 109s to dive fast enough to encounter this ... compressibility was a new phenomenon encountered when aircraft were involved in extremely high speed dives at high altitudes which caused the aircraft's controls to either not work or to be reversed. 
The early P-38s suffered severely from this problem ... at first a design defect was thought to be the problem ... until the realization occured that it was an airflow problem ... which was finally cured in the "L" model with the addition of special dive flaps. 

The 109Fs lower dive number sticks out like a sore thumb ... again a number selectively applied to one aircraft.  Compressibility affected The 109Gs, 109Ks, P-51s, P-47s, P-38s, or any other aircraft capable of over 500mph in a dive.  Pilots eventually had to learn to dive at less steeper dive angles or how to recover close to the ground after a long uncontroled screamin' dive.  

3.  The difficult maneuver numbers on the Zero. 

A few ideas ...

WOTC has probably incurred large costs in the sculpting and molding development of the A20 model planes.  The game design includes four different levels of pilots.  We will need to purchase four of each aircraft to obtain all plane and pilot combos.  Rumors question the long term viability of this game ... how commited is WOTC to this game ?   

Hey WOTC .... make up a bunch of new card combinations ... like MS. 406 Ace ... and SELL them to us ... kind of like Magic cards. 

Issue new updated cards for the Zero, Bf 109F and any other possible replacement cards in Set ll.
...,... and Rock'n Roll - but Minis are fun too...
Well, you're bringing up the same sort of problems that have plagued War At Sea since its inception. Little enough about those got done over the course of six sets and WotC has fired the two guys who did it. I think anyone who puts his money on a rational response from WotC to problems with A20 is going to end up with cider in his ear.

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