DotP Set Survivor: And Then There Were Twelve... Or Forty...

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So while I was waiting for my batteries to charge I got to wondering which cards have been in all the DotP games. Going through the lists on the homepage, I came up with the hopefully correct list... for now. If we just go by the base game, no expansions included, and of course ignoring the basic lands, there are 12 cards in all that have been in the three core Duels games. Including the expansions for 09 and 12, that number jumps up to 40. And of course, the number will go up still with the promo cards and expansions for '13, which I didn't include despite us knowing them since they haven't come out yet.

Do you think you can guess which ones they are?

White: 0 base, 9 expansion*

Blue: 1 base, 3 expansion*

Black: 2 base, 4 expansion*

Red: 5 base, 7 expansion*

Green: 3 base, 3 expansion*

Other: 1 base, 2 expansion*
Great idea! 

It's certainly interesting to see which spells are so core that they always show up.

I'd say that core cards are the first release (M12) and the subsequent cards are the expert set expansions (INN/DKA/AVR) 
Sweet thread! I was going to do something like this awhile back, but got lazy.Cool

Got the idea from:

Semi-suprised to see Baneslayer Angel all three times.


And with the official release of the expansion, DotP Set Survivor expands to 51 members.

Our new entries are:








Wow, Niv Mizzet is more "core" than I thought =P
Deck Pack 1 gives us two new entries, for 53 total.

Pretty happy Ember Shot didn't make this list.
Deck Pack 2 adds one single card to the survivor list, for 54 total.

And with Deck Pack 3 official, our likely final total for survivors increases to 56.