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kk.  I've had this question come up a few times now and It's bugging me that I can't seem to find a clear ruling on it in the Core books.

Can a character/creature with natural Darkvision see in magical darkness?

Example that happened in today's game:  An Elder Black Dragon decends on the party and casts Globe of Darkness to a distance of 2 quares out from the center of the target square.  The Black Dragon then uses stealth with a roll of 44 and is completely hidden from the character's view.  (they cant roll over a 44 perception, or a nat 20 on a perception skill check.)  Can the players see the Dragon, hidden in plain view by the cover of magical darkness, or can the PCs see the dragon clearly because they have darkvision, rendering the dragon's hide check null as the PCs can just see the Dragon?

How I ruled it was that the player's NATURAL darkvision could NOT see into or through the magical darkness.  This is why the party Rogue has goggles that give her darkvision in the first place.  If the PCs could see fine through the magical darkness, then that rules the goggles and magical darkness useless.  I couldn't find this rule clarified in the Core books, however the core rules say darkvision can see through darkness with no light.  That to me reads as just normal darkness and non-magical darkness. 

How does this work?  I told my players I'd ask here and get back to them on next week's game.
The way it was explained to me is that while the squares within the cloud are totally obscured, the zone itself states it blocks line of sight into the zone- a separate effect from the total obscurement!

A player might try to argue that it's the obscurement that's blocking line of sight, and it's true, total obscurement does do that, but note that it says "blocks line of sight" before it even mentions obscurement.

Take a look at what it says happens to someone in the zone.  They are blinded.  Again, total obscurement alone would make it to where someone couldn't see- but here, you just flat-out get the blinded condition!

The combination of these factors is what trumps Darkvision.  A blind character cannot use Darkvision to see, obvously.  Neither can a character without line of sight to something see anything- Darkvision wouldn't let you see through a wall, for instance.
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No as Metafictional said darkvision doesn't allow one to see in magical darkness. It doesn't ignores Concealment that is a result of things other than dim light or darkness, and so Powers causing Concealment, or other Condition inducing effect such as one that blind, cannot be seen through by darkness. 

RC 168 Darkvision: A creature that has darkvision can see normally regardless of light. It ignores Concealment that is a result of dim light or darkness. 
the core rules say darkvision can see through darkness with no light.  That to me reads as just normal darkness and non-magical darkness.

Technically there is no difference between magical and regular darkness in regard to dark vision, except where the power indicates otherwise. However, most powers do indicate otherwise. In this case the MM's Elder Dragon's cloud of darkness says "The zone blocks line of sight for all creatures except the dragon", which includes anyone with darkvision.

Conversely, something like the Night Hag's shroud of night aura basically just affects the ambient illumination, allowing darkvision to work fine it it.

In either case: the Goggles of Night do nothing for someone that already has darkvision.   

Thanks a lot, that completely helped me out.  what I originally thought turnes out to be right so I'll rule it as such.  Didn't even think about the blind condition, don't know how that happened, heat of combat I guess.

Thanks again all.
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