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Topher AKA Pride is a build I am attempting to create that takes advantage of the flail expertise feat and the tiefling racial affinity for fire. Here is what I have thus far, but if someone has a better idea (even a whole different class!) let me know.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Topher, level 11
Tiefling, Warlock (Hexblade), Academy Master
Pact: Gloom Pact (Hexblade)
On the Run from the Devil (On the Run from the Devil Benefit) (This is mainly because it works well with the character backstory)
Theme: Infernal Prince (Yay extra attack bonus!)
STR 9, CON 15, DEX 19, INT 13, WIS 11, CHA 21
STR 8, CON 12, DEX 16, INT 12, WIS 10, CHA 16
AC: 25 Fort: 22 Ref: 22 Will: 27
HP: 77 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 19
Bluff +20, Intimidate +15, Perception +11, Stealth +15, Thievery +13
Acrobatics +9, Arcana +8, Athletics +3, Diplomacy +12, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +6, Heal +5, History +6, Insight +5, Nature +5, Religion +6, Streetwise +10
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Infernal Prince Attack: Hellfire Heart
Tiefling Racial Power: Infernal Wrath
Warlock Utility: Convocation of Shadows
Warlock Attack: Flesh Rend (+18 when on fire 1d10+19 fire damage prone and -2 penalty to attack rolls plus reach 2?!)
Warlock Attack: Spirit Flay
Warlock Attack: Shadow Scourge
Warlock Attack 1: Eldritch Bolt
Warlock Attack 1: Armor of Winter's Grasp (Should probably go for hellfire blast, eh?)
Warlock Utility 2: Shade Twin
Warlock Utility 4: Lesser Planar Ally
Warlock Attack 5: Crown of Madness
Warlock Utility 6: Unspeakable Bond (hilariously, I have an ally who is more than willing)
Warlock Attack 9: Summon Warlock's Ally (I am not a fan of this guy honestly)
Warlock Utility 10: Ethereal Sidestep (Yay incision dagger! teleport three at will, thereby gaining concealment every round?)
Academy Master Attack 11: Learned Boost
Level 1: Practiced Killer (Hooray for cursed shadow and ki focus!)
Level 2: Hellfire Blood (Yay ki focus!)
Level 4: Flail Expertise (Yay prone at will!)
Level 6: Cursed Shadow
Level 8: Superior Will (I hate being dazed)
Level 10: White Lotus Riposte (I just love this feat)
Level 11: Fiery Blood (Yay Ki Focus!)
Scourge of Exquisite Agony x1
Blazing Arc Ki Focus +2 x1
Summoned Earthhide Armor +3 x1 (because magic armor is silly when you can have magic armor that goes away right as you are being imprisoned....and comes back after!)
Necklace of Fate +3 x1 (I. Hate. Being. Dazed.)
Incisive Dagger Dagger +2 x1
Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier) x1
Casque of Tactics (heroic tier) x1
Acrobat Boots x1
====== End ======
Is there a specific reason a living tiefling works better for this build than a dead tiefling?

Because a Revenant with a Past Life of Tiefling gives you the exact stats that gloomblades need. 
Yeah and it's a silly self imposed reason. Another character in the party is playing a Revenant vampire and I don't want to upstage him in the never dying department (he's a first time player and I already am beating him in the damage department, so I figure let him have that). Plus, Topher is the personification of the sin pride (it's a campaign thing) and it's been pre established that pride (unlike lust) is still alive
Basically the only things I am married to for the character is tiefling and flail and fire. Everything (class, background, etc) else is able to change no problem
Why Shadow Walk, Dexterity and Hide armor ? Seems like you want a lot more out of your feats as it is, and maybe just grabbing that Chainmail, increasing Charisma and grabbing Majestic word would get you there sooner.

Besides, level +5 or level +7 vs AC isn't all that impressive for an essentials class.  Your damage output on a hit isn't all that good, so you have to find your worth as a striker in accuracy.

About that, I would also forget about the +3 neck item, and grab a +3 ki focus instead.

Obviously, theme elemental initiate would also open ki focuses for you, freeing up a feat slot.
Here something I threw together that focuses more on the controller (leader) side than trying to be a striker. The option to slide/prone with fire is still there.


Tiefling, Bard|Warlock, War Chanter
Hybrid Bard: Hybrid Bard Reflex
Hybrid Warlock: Hybrid Warlock Reflex
Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Valor

Ability scores 9/19/12/11/11/23  (started as 8/14/11/10/10/18)

AC: 21 F: 23 R: 23 W: 26  HP: 81

Skills Diplomacy +16, Streetwise +16, Intimidate +16, Bluff +18

1: Imperious Majesty
2: Hybrid Talent
4: Ki Focus Expertise
6: Hellfire Blood
8: Improved Defenses
10: Flail Expertise
11: Fiery Blood

Staggering Note + Eldritch Strike
E1 Shout of Triumph
D1 Decree of Khirad
U2 Ethereal Stride
E3 Lure of Minauros
D5 Song of Discord
U6 Revitalizing Incantation
E7 Touch of Command
D9 Command Insanity
U10 Mantle of Unity

Gear: Magic Drowmesh +3, Amulet of Protection +2, Flail (non-magic), Blazing Arc Ki Focus +3

Do with it as you will. Not claiming this build is perfect, or even optimised.
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