Thor'adin, Son of Moradin. (Optimize help)

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Hey guys,

Looking for help I am building a Avengers based Delve/Adventure.  I have finished creating various member of the team but i am stuck on 2 characters I have a couple ideas but need them to be solid.

Looking for an optimized build that would fit a character theme of Thor...

I was looking at using Mul "dwarf" for race, but not sure on class and other features other than making hammer weapon of choice and some kind of class combo for armor and Thunder/Lightning Magic.  Any ideas, all the characters are optimized so far so i need this one to be just as strong.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Oh and if you have any ideas, im working on Black Pather and Captain America next.  Hulk, Iron Man, and Hawkeye are complete.  Black Widow is a backup build planned.
Here's a good starting point:

Without going into too much depth, Thunder/Lightning is commonly used with Mark of Storm, Lyrandar Wind Rider, and other such stuff.
Thunder also has an easy way to expand burst/blast radius powers by 1 in Resounding Thunder, which makes it quite valuable for burst/blast centric characters.

Bargle wrote:
This is CharOp. We not only assume block-of-tofu monsters, but also block-of-tofu DMs.

Zelink wrote:
You're already refluffing, why not refluff to something that doesn't suck?
Dwarven Thrower enchant (or the Dwarven Thrower gloves) seem essential for Mjolnir. After that, grab a thundering weapon or ki-focus for great justice. As far as classes go, I'de probably suggest barbarian, as that both fits his character, and has a lot of blasty thunder attacks.
Other possibilities:

Symbol of the Sonnilor (feat - use hammers as implements)
Thundergod weapon (item - bonus thunder damage on charges - use with charge kit)
Hammer of Thunderbolts (epic tier artifact)
You could go for the obvious and make him an Avenger...
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