DOTP '13 Soundtrack

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Seriously. I want to purchase this. Will it be available to buy and if so when?
Also, who is the music producer? Does he/she have a website to visit or is it on Wizards site?
This is a shining example of how good music pulls you into a game. Kudos! 
Yes. The music is leaps and bounds better than 2012's, and I personally think that it's even better than 09's music. Very good job.
This soundtrack reminds me a lot of Torchlight at times.
Love me some Torchlight. Sad we wont get TL2 on consoles.

My comp couldn't power a game of tetris.


Fighting against odric reminds me of Heroes of might and magic 3. Cool songs though, Bolas's is the best, that muted trumpet or whatever it is, is proper cool.
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