My version of "spellscarred" in my campaign world..

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... ss called "ruined"(does that sound stupid in english?:p). Magical ruins from the floating city that fell from the sky can affect people, kind of like spellscarred. But I want differnt effects and benefits. For now I am going with 3, 4 or 5(?) resist in one damage type and vulnerable in another, but I want to give the players who choose that their character is "ruined" more options. Any suggestions for flaws and traits a character can get from magical affects or even mutations?
Put your element weaknesses into different categories.  Lets' face it.  How often are you going to be fighting creatures that exploit your weakness to sonic attacks, vs fire attacks?

Basic elements should be common:  Fire, Ice, Necrotic, and maybe Poison.
Uncommon include Sonic, Lightning, Water, Earth, Holy, and Force.

If they take a weakness to an uncommon, double the number.  So if it's usually 5 to fire, make it 10 to lightning.

And your first sentence is lacking a verb and an object.  That's why it sounds bad.  Essentually, you just said: Spellscared, called 'ruined', and nothing else.  I think you meant: Spellscarred is called 'ruined'.
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