Need Help Optimizing Dragonborn Knight (Theme & Racial Power Selection)

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I'm building a Dragonborn Knight (Essential-style Fighter Build, from Heroes of the Fallen Land) for a game of D&D Encounters that it is gearing up at a nearby hobby shop. Because we'll all be starting at very low levels, it's not so much the stats or items I need help maximizing the potential out of... but rather, the choice of his Theme and Racial Abilities.

For a brief rundown of the character, he's basically a Hammer-Knight running for the whole "Defend the Line Stance/Slow/World Serpent's Grasp/Prone" combination to add some heavy control in with his defending. Stressing Str and Con, looking at Dreadnought for Paragon Path (for HP, damage resistance, and the great powers), as well as Indomitable Champion for Epic Destiny (great stat bumps, extra HP, excellent powers/features).

Racial Abilities: Dragonborn have a choice between Dragonbreath and Dragonfear (a power made available to the race in an article posted in Dragon 388). Dragonbreath isn't as awesome on a Knight as it is a standard Fighter (as Knights dont mark on-hit as Fighters do), but by selecting Lightning Breath and then the subsequent Thundering Breath/Concussive Breath feats, I can pull off a mass Daze+Damage combination, which can be pretty potent for a Defender. On the other hand, Dragonfear has a massive radius (close Burst 5, upgraded eventually to Close Burst 10) which hands out a -2 Attack Penalty and grants the party combat advantage. If they happen to be adjacent to me when I trigger it (hence, in my Defender Aura), they will take a -4 against attacking my allies, and a -2 against me. With the use of the Draconic Guardian Feat (also Dragon 388), the power will also Mark the affected targets, making that a -6 Penalty against friendlies, and a -2 against me. I also plan on taking the Hammer Shock feat, which gives out a flat -2 to attack on-hit with my melee attacks, making that a possible -8 on allies, -4 on me. That is HUGE Defender Role enhancement. Dragonfear also has the capabilites of Dazing one enemy in the burst (with the proper feat), and deals no damage.

Themes: I'm torn between either Ironwrought and Mercenary (and possibly Guardian, though it's pretty bland and overrused). Mercenary gives me an automatic Prone in an Encounter Power, and this build is developed around the idea of constantly knocking foes on their backs. It gives me a boost to Intimidate, which is one of my trained skills... and gives me a bonus to defenses when bloodied, which pairs well with Draconic Fury and my high AC. Ironwrought, on the other hand, hands out bonuses to Endurance and Athletics (another two of my trained skills), awards extra accuracy and damage with my melee attacks (which can be comboed into Power Attack which nicely), and hands out Resist Damage when Bloodied, which also helps with Draconic Fury and will eventually layer on with the Dreadnought's Damage Resistance down the line. Guardian is obviously there for Guardian's Counter... but everything else doesn't really excite or benefit me too much.

So, given those options... what would CharOp do? What do you guys think would make the most effective combination? 
You also want the Draconic Arrogance feat in there somewhere, and you do know Marks and Defender Aura don't stack, right?
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Ahh, no. I was not aware that Marks and Defender Aura didn't stack, seeing as I don't remember the Defender Aura stating that it was a "Mark" of any sort. Good to know.

Still, that's a -6 To-Hit Penalty Versus allies with the same amount of Powers/Feats applied. I still think that's pretty helpful.

I also just checked up on Draconic Arrogance. For some reason I thought that only applied to pushes, but now that I see it's both Push AND Prone... I will definitely be picking it up. Thank you for that tip.
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