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"Oh, the torment bred in the race,
   the grinding scream of death
      and the stroke that hits the vein,
   the hemorrhage none can staunch, the grief,
the curse no man can bear.

But there in a cure in the house
       not from others outside,
           but from themselves,
       through savage bloodstained strife. We sing to you,
dark gods beneath the earth.

Now hear, you blissful powers underground---
  answer the call, send help.
Bless the children, give them triumph now."

                         The Libation Bearers 

For eons upon eons it drifted through emptyness. Its own origin long forgotten it moved between the primordial blocks of creation, each one as barren as the last.

Then its voyage was interupted...A spark. Could it be, the birth of divinity? It halted its journey, drifting closer to take orbid around the barren world to widness this wonder. 

Thus it became something like an eery moon. 

The Silent Observer....       

The Elder Thing

Below, a thin thread of light appeared, barely visible as it twisted in a wind that only it felt.  Soon another thread joined it, moving to the same wind.  Suddenly, there were a multitude of threads of pure light dancing above the barren surface, and within the threads, intelligence and will blossomed.

Life! it thought to itself, threads roiling left and right as it explored its vicinity with tenative motions.

Suddenly, it felt a chill that permeated its very core.  It knew it was not alone, that nothing could be created without... an opposite.
The earth itself darkened and rotted as something formed within it. The ground shook, cracks appearing as something... arose. Something new, and something terribly. Sickly flesh pink tendrils of what could only be describes as ooze-yet-not-ooze pushed through the decaying stone, more and more appearing and pushing until ground gave way and the mass came forth in a torrent of ooze like tendrils. A geezer of sickly mass and dark feeling.

Liiiife... it thought to itself... congealing into a large blob of... SOMETHING as it looked around without eyes. It thought this not with wonder, or even hate, but... hunger. As though it... there! A solitary speck of light and life in this most barren places!

 The mass shot up as a huge stream of pink flesh, slamming up into strange lights. Trying to crush it, destroy it, and yet devour it.


1PP - Attack - Krulsk attacks Ikola
As Anubis is the attacker, I lose.

The barest of moments separated when the threads percieved the threat and when that threat appeared, bursting forth from the earth and graspingreachinghating the fledgling God.  

PAIN!  It cried out silently within its head as the the fleshy mass attacked, ripping and tearing at the god's delicate threads of light.  Instinctively the god fought back, lines of white radiance flashing against the flesh and searing it in thin lines.

But the surprise of the attack had placed it in a precarious situation.  Moments later, the first sound of creation spilt into the universe, and the sound was a scream of pure agony and loss as a portion of the filamentous god was ripped away and drifted towards the earth below.  

The loss of part of itself struck the god to its core, and as the dead filaments began to separate from one another, the god had only one thought.  It must LIVE.   Brilliant radiance surrounded the god in a nimbus of energy that drove back its fleshy opponent, if only temporarially.  The energy danced about the fibers of light for a moment and then shot down to envelop the dead and dying portion of itself below, trying to stitch the filaments back together into... something.

2 PP (Domain) :  Beget God:  Ikola wills the dead and dying portion of herself ripped away by Krulsk to life.   (Okay Anubis, time to finish it!)
0/1 PP, Domain used.
Hate was the wrong word. Did the wolf hate the stag it latched onto to devour in its first hunt? Did the farmer hate the soil in which he sowed his crops? No, this wasn't hate. This was HUNGER. This thing was perfection. It was life itself, a fertile thing to corrupt in a world of barren emptiness. And he WOULD corrupt it, rip it to shreds and recreate it in his own image!

But wait... the thing was doing something. It was purifying it's damaged self. And he would not allow it. He would not allow it to tarnish his victory!

Shooting forth some vile ichor, the ooze latched onto the stiched filaments and began to interwine with them. Purity corrupted with vile, tainted being. He would not let whatever purpose the thing was supposed to have come to pass.


1PP (Domain) - Beget God: Krulsk contributes to begetting the god of Death if I recall correctly? Corrupting it's original purpose to be so.
It was hurt, flakes of light and dark falling from its form as its body worked to eliminate the corruption from itself.  As the god felt more than saw the ooze switch its attention away from itself, it struck a final time, scattering bits of flesh to the heavens and earth to mingle with its own broken filaments.  

And with that, it fled, careening over the smooth surface of the planet.

Hide.  It thought to itself as it went, searching desparatly for somewhere to go.

Finally, it stopped, exausted, and, by force of will, reorganized its threads of light into a small woven mat that laid flat against the surface, a patch of flickering brightness against the darkness. 
Flesh, supple-smooth, milk-white. Pulse unto pulse, and the pull and twitch of ligaments, the bend and crack of joints. Flesh, bone and blood. Wood, stone and mortar. The dull, the unbroken, the whole. The stamp of feet on stone, the brush of branches on bare flesh. The cry, the tumble, the leap and the soar. The fast, furtive way, the quiet and the slow. The eating and the fasting. The breathing and the bleeding. And the curtain of light, falling, rippling through the space.

And then a shadow, a copy of all that. Not a copy, no. It was all that, and it was none of that. It was the shadow in the corner of the room, the corpse that draws the eye, the abject that triggers revulsion. 

The not-Life drifted to the surface as well, a mess of black strings. Settling beside Life, it pooled, almost supplicating. But it did not speak, did not draw the eye. It did not even move from that spot. It was not a thing, not yet, it was a reminder 
As the black clot settled to the earth, unnoticed by the hiding god, all of a sudden, a string of much more complex thought (at least, compared to what it had thought in the past)  wound its way through its wounded psyche.

Death.  I have lost, and I could die.

The mat of light rippled in horror, and then shied away as part of it seemed to touch *something* that sent a shockwave of revulsion through its soul and drove the last vestiges of courage from its mind.

Utterly defeated in body and soul, the mat of light began to slowly crawl away, trying its best to maintain a low profile.
And the black thing followed. Or did it? Was it even a thing unto itself, capable of such self-direction? Or was it a wraith, a shadow of the perfect whole?

In an instant, it decided that it was something. The end was something, that corpse you avoid is still there. It was something as a reflection of something else, a foil to someone else, existing only as that other did not exist. But it existed, and as it took that thought into itself, it made it strong. No, not it, He.

And suddenly, the Life was aware of another.
It was like before.  Like the thing that attacked it.  Suddenly, it was not alone.  Or had it ever been alone?  Had it been followed  The God spoke, a quavering whisper.

Please don't hurt me again.
Again? Again, again, again.

It was the same voice. It was her voice. But it was his voice now, masculine where it was feminine, deep where it was high, dark where it was light, hard where it quavered.

Me don't hurt. Don't again. Don't please. 
Why... why are you saying that?  Please, just leave me alone.
But you have to know you have to know you have to know...

The shape gathered itself up. Still a mess of black wires, it tumbled through the space, not a mat like the other, but a gathered form that looped and wound about itself, gathering itself, pulling itself into the space.

They all have to know. Or they'll do and do and do. They'll go and go and go. And then what? What's happens when the going and the doing is over, hm? Do they know? Do you know?

Do you know anything at all?

He twisted himself and settled squarely in front of Life.

And the Other. Does he know? 
The god didn't know what to say, but picked itself up from the ground and reorganized itself into a shape not unlike its dark counterpart.  There the two beings floated in silence, the one clearly wanting an answer, the other clearly having no answer to give. 
Of course you don't know. You can't know until you know, can you? You couldn't me before I, and you can't you before you. But somehow I know. Do you want to know?

The thing floated on the bubble of the silence for a moment, letting it swell. It pondered.

Do you want to know? I could let you all know. And then there'd be things to know. There wouldn't just be a Me and a You and a... Other. There'd be a Know. And we wouldn't just know about this, we'd know about a lot of things. There'd be things and things and things and we'd know about them. He would know about them. Would you want to know if knowing meant, well, knowing?
It wasn't quite sure what to make of its counterpart.  It could tell what it was, of course... it was plainly the bit of itself that had been torn from it by the Enemy, given new life and purpose.  It was also plainly clear that it had a bit of the Enemy within itself, as the lines of it did not shimmer with Life's radiance, but throbbed a darkness that it found unsettling.

How?  I won't be hurt again.

And suddenly the god was all sharp points and edges, the threads of light hardening into blades of light that waited without speaking for any threatening move from the one before it.

Generic: 0/1  Domain: life: 0/1 Skills:  G: 0/0 I: 0/0 E:0/0 Combat: 0.
Even as the other thing gathered up, this thing gathered down, seeming to seep into itself. It was like a sigh.

You are me. You saw. It killed. Part. 

You are me and I am you. Both are dead but you are not. Understand? you died but then you didn't. But you can still, again and again.

He died, she said, as the months tumbled into seasons and the sparrows fluttered by the sea.

He died, they said, head of stone, cracked marble breast, heap earth, heap earth.

He died, we said, when the sky fell into the earth and the water wrapped the stone.

And again and again it happens. Every day it happens. You happen to, but only to me. And again and again. Sometimes more of you, and sometimes less. And sometimes me all at once. But it happens, again and again, for you, for them, for all. But not me. For I am already me. And someday, so will you.

Everyone dies.

That was the secret to ignite the wind. And on it carried more, songs and whispers, yells and sighs. And they Know now, for there is Knowing to be done.

3 PP (Domain): Beget God: The God of Knowledge is born when the secret of death is told.

Generic: 0/2 Domain: Death: 0/1 Skills: G: 0/0 I: 0/0 E: 0/0 Combat: 
Far across the barren rock, a shape began to form. Particles drawing themselves from the landscape and coalescing into... something. A tentacled shape, hovering in space.

It blinked. It squirmed. It gurgled unhappily. It wondered where it was. It wondered if that mattered. It wondered what it was. It wondered if that mattered. It wondered what to do next. It concluded that the last one was the only thing that really mattered. 

It shifted, gurgling again. Its tentacles began to drift, some seeming to try to grasp the air, some slowly dragging across the barren ground. Some began to trace strange shapes. The creature noticed the movement of it's tentacles. 

Umi, it thought, That is my name. Something about the shapes had triggered a fleeting thought. A thought the creature could not explain. It pondered that for a moment, then decided not to ponder any longer.

It began to drift out across the empty landscape, its tentacles still writhing around it. It was looking for something. For what, it did not know, and did not care to know. Perhaps it was looking for a purpose, perhaps it was not.

Generic: 1/1  Domain: Ocean: 1/1 Skills:  G: 0/0 I: 0/0 E:0/0 Combat: 0
One point must be made absolutely clear: divine beings don't necessarily have mouths.

The reason for this is that their physiology isn't so much physiology as it is theology. What are the religious ramifications if a god has a mouth? Does that mean that mouths are a fundamental structure of the universe that predates the gods who have them? If so, shouldn't the concept of a mouth, rather than the gods who have mouths, be worshipped? Clearly, these mouths must be the prime movers, the things that created everything else, including the gods. And how would such theology apply to mortal life, where mouths are less about theology and more about physiology?

The matter is further complicated by the fact that mouths imply a body, and divine beings don't necessarily have bodies, certainly not as the concept would eventually come to be defined by mortals. The term "god-flesh" is generally understood by scholars to be a standing for the metaphysical, abstract, bibbly bobbly pseudo-body that gods would presumably actually have. Which is to say, their bodies are not bodies. It seems that paradoxes are inherently necessary if one is going to talk about religion.

Point being, when mortals say that Nos sprung from the mouth of Death, it should not be taken literally.

Setting theological conundrums regarding divine bodies aside, somewhere within Death's "body" there was a... well, not mouth, for the reasons enumerated above. Somewhere within Death's "body" was a "central locus for the concept of communication." This might have been a mouth, might not have been, mortal theologians would talk your ear off debating that point (and don't even bring ears into this!). But it was from this nexus that the god's words came from. And, when the words "everyone dies" left the god's "communicational ideographical mouth thingy," a tentacle was not far behind those words. Indeed, the words had barely passed Death's metaphorical lips when this tentacle tried to push its way out of her "talk-hole."

Unfortunately, as you might imagine, the word "tentacle" has its own baggage. This particular descriptor is further complicated by the fact that, unlike the tendrils of Life and Death, these tentacles had a rigid understructure to them, insofar as something that exists in a conceptual, abstract realm can have a tentacle, or, indeed, a rigid understructure. This structure wasn't straight, nor was it curved. It was, for a lack of a better word (and, it should be noted, at this point words were a rather new and fangled thing, as far as creation was concerned), a joint. Not just one joint, several, and the tentacle wasn't so much a single thing as it was broken up into several smaller tentacles towards the end that was pushing its way out of the dead god's paranormal speech apparatus.

Or, to be short, it was a hand, attached to an arm.

The hand, as it decided that things like itself should be called, pushed its way out of the goddess's might-be-a-mouth-but-we-can't-really-say-for-sure, bent back, and planted itself firmly on what might have been the dead god's face. Another arm pushed its way out of Death's mouth, planted itself on what also might have been Death's face, followed by another, and another. Once these limbs felt they had a good hold on reality (well, the abstract, non-material reality in which gods presumably live), they pushed. For a moment, it seemed that they were trying to rip Death's "Speaky-Central-Node" from its "abstractly might-be-a-body." But, with a pop (oddly enough, no theologian debates that it occurred with a pop), the new god made an exit, stage left... err... mouth (however, theologians do debate on this point).

The new god straightened itself, ensured all its limbs were in proper order, checked to make sure he still had legs ("still" being a largely subjective term, since it hadn't existed before from which it might have had legs leftover), and then turned to look at Life and Death. It devoted a head exclusively to each, with a third looking at seemingly nothing (though this was in the general direction of a fissure in creation, from which another god was creating itself).

The two heads engaged with the present company said, in unison, "Halloooooo!"


Generic: 2/2, Domain (Knowledge): 1/1


Ikola and Krulsk have gained a level.
Krulsk and Death still need to tell me what they want their extra XP for in terms of their begetting.


The world is brand new, and as the Elder Thing stops in the heavens to watch, the first Gods, birthed due to a fissioning of nothingness into the opposites of Life and Corruption.  Within moments, the Gods fight, and Krulsk wounds Ikola and sends her fleeing, but not before they together bring forth Death, a corruption of Life itself.  Death follows Life and after a short conversation begets Nos as the secret knowledge of Death is revealed for the first time.  Elsewhere, Umi, a god of tentacles and the ocean, forms itself from nothingness.
No.  NO NO NO.  You are WRONG.  It that was life shouted, lines of golden radiance twitching and twisting in agitation.  

Life did not even notice the sudden preocupation of the god before it with the other god exiting its mouth.  Instead, in its agitation and abject refusal to admit that its Enemy, for that is the only word to describe something which states that everything must die, could be correct, it spun and spun and willed it not to be so.

And then something happened.

High above in the void, not too distant from where the Elder Thing lay watching in its eternal wait, a flicker of be-ingness was the only warning before, with a loud trumpeting bellow, a living being appeared.  

First to form was a glowing core of crackling blue energy that spat arcs of pure lightning in all directions, which seemed to hit some sort of barrier roughly fifty feet away from its core and flow both forward and backwards, defining a rough ovoid of crackling energy that was nearly 200 feet across at one end, and tapered down  to twenty five at the other side.  Suddenly, the front of the ovid cracked open, revealing static waves of energy that were highly reminiscent of teeth.  Within the 'throat' of the creature pulsed the orb which had started the whole process, which now could be seen to 'beat' much as a 'heart' would beat in a being sure to be created at some point in the future.

Independent processes of lightning arced away from the base of the creature, growing in fits and spurts until six large 'tentacles' rested beneath the 'body' of the creature, each reaching easily twice the 400+ foot length of the creature to wave idly in the darkness.

Within moments, the creature's light dimmed as a dense 'cloud' of dissociated particles began to form around it, bound to the electricity by its constantly rotating wich formed a magnetic pull that was difficult for such small objects to resist.  Wreathed now in a 'skin' of particles, the beast roared a roar of electrical might, and with a mighty pulsing of its back end, began to float out into the void, brushing by the Elder Thing as it went.

Awestruck at its own power, Life returned its attention to the current situation just in time to witness Nos finish emerging with its 'Pop'.

There are now TWO of them.  It thought suddenly, and, as the new god shouted its first Word, Life fled, fleeing without looking where it was going until it nearly collided with another tentacled thing.

Um... Hello.  It said, deciding to use the word of greeting that it had been addressed with earlier.

3 PP (1 PP Age discount, also Domain and Generate) Spawn (Superior) Beast:  Ea, the Worldswallower:  A massive being composed of living electrical energy.  Sustained by its own power, it only requires additional matter in order to grow larger, and there is no limit to its eventual size.  In its current form, a roughly 500-foot long ovoid that tapers from 200 to 25 feet in length with 6 tentacles and a mouth of sharp teeth.  

Generic: 1/2  Domain: life: 0/1 Skills:  G: 0/1 I: 0/0 E:0/0 Combat: 1.
It is said by some that if a thing is not observed, it does not exist. It is said by others that the universe may observe itself. Throughout all this, the universe watched... and gradually, it began to watch itself watching. The act of observation was itself observed.

As so the Watcher came into being. This was Omus, the god who sees and waits. Omus saw the presence of light and dark, and knew that neither could exist without the other.

Seeing this, Omus took the wheel of the world in his hands, and began to turn it, that life and death might come and go, all life decaying to death, and all death springing forth new life.

And so, Time itself was born.

Actions: 2PP (with Domain) Craft: Time
Generic: 0/1, Domain: Time: 0/1, Skills: G: 0/1 I: 0/0 E:0/0, Combat: 0.
((I'll be putting my XP into Generate))

Power corrupts. The thing knew that, as it idly lingered in the outer reaches of the void surrounding the world. Letting the whims of gravity drift him along as he writhed in a puddle like form. So with great power, he could corrupt much. He had corrupted a god, then corrupted another god, but neither were corrupted truly. One had been damaged, that was no true corruption. His soul was clean, not filthy and decaying. And the new god, from what little he had seen from his far away view, seemed to be not corrupted either. Simply different from what was intended. Different was not corrupt, different was not unclean.

Unclean. Filth. He desired these things. He wanted the world to be nothing more than a pile of wretched disease, and boils, and acidic, and corrosive mists. He wanted whatever lived on it to be both morally and physically scarred and wretched. He wanted those things. But with great power comes great corruption, and he was not sure if he had this power when all the other gods he had seen seemed so clean. If he did not have the element of surprise, the power to attack first and rip, and rent, and tear, and eat, and main, and crush, and kill his enemy, would he survive?

He could not corrupt the world in one fell swoop. He could not make it bubble, and boil, and stink, and seethe, and belch, and writhe with his power. The world was big, and he was small. But he could blight a chunk of it. A big chunk. He would make the world his, one small step at a time.

The earth was from where he had come, rushing, and writhing, and raging, and hungering, so he had a certain kinship with it. If the corruption would begin... it would begin with this. Lowering himself down, the mass of pink tentacles, and ooze, and filth, and teeth, and bone, and flesh dripped some of its pink ichor onto the earth, willing it to create filth, corrupt the world with its power. And so, it did. The pink ichor began to grow, liquifying and spreading into some sort of green acidic substance that belched black smoke into the air. The earth, perhaps out of self-preservation, perhaps out of wishing to serve its master, incased the stuff in stone mountains, hollowed out so that the stuff could see the open air it sought to corrupt. The smoke billowed out for miles and miles, and Krulsk smiled at how the ground underneath it trembled, darkened, and was desecrated.


Actions: 2PP (with Domain) Command: Krulsk wills the earth to create a large cluster of volcano like mountains. Rather than having magma, however, they contain acidic liquid filth that pumps a huge cloud of pollution over a large chunk of the world. The land beneath it is blighted, the light dim, and the rain (when there is any) highly acidic.
Generic: 1/2, Domain: Corruption: 0/1, Skills: G: 1/1 I: 0/0 E:0/0, Combat: 1.
You guys realize that this is the forum to discuss homebrew mechanics and settings, right?  Not a place for rp or related to just a party running a game.

This isn't the place for in character or out of character threads.  Run games somewhere else.
An ernest reply

Sir, you fail to see what is being made here. This is the creation of a new setting from within itself. Instead of making the setting objectively as people, we are making a setting subjectively as the beings within the setting. So, on that note, this is a perfect place to run this as it is a homebrew setting set in the homebrew forums.I can not think of a better place for this!

Witness the birth of a brand new setting! With lots of luck and love, it could be as fantastic as one of the major settings. But it is only as successful as the people in it. The more we have, the better the setting is. How else do you think the major settings like, dragonlance, forgotten realms, dark sun, and such were made? They were born!

If you don't like it, then don't play. That simple. Move on. We know who we are and what we are doing and where we are doing it. Lets all play nice and have fun! It's just a game.

So, if you like what you see, please join us in hopefully making one of the best settings ever possible. Just remember, we can not do it with out you!


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OOC: A reply

There is a long history of having games such as these in this forum.  Looking up "Lords of Creation" will return 6+ incarnations of this game.  We have previously cleared it with the administrators of the forums and have been given permission to be here.

If you had taken the time to actually read the first post of the OOC instead of interrupting our IC thread (come on!  Now we have to explain what the strange voice from the heavens who claims that the gods of the world doesn't belong is doing! ), you would see that we are not 'running a party.'  We are, as Joran has expertly put it, developing a homebrew campaign setting.  It may not be being created in the standard way that you might be used to,  by people brainstorming and posting completed areas of the setting, but it is being created nonetheless, piece by piece.  If we are upsetting anyone by our presence, we apologize, but we are trying to be as unobtrusive as possible and only take up two threads.
Mastercliff, while we do appreciate the concern, this is not the place for it. There is an OOC thread for such a thing. We'd greatly appreciate it if you would delete you post here and move it there. If not that, please at least put it in a spoiler tag.

Joran, would you mind doing the same? Keeping the IC thread clean of off topic OOC stuff would be nice.

um... Toph, you too?


One of Nos's heads watched as the bright god ran away. That was a curious state of affairs, one that he'd have to look into in the near future. However, that would be imprudent at the moment. One head continued to look in the direction of Life and Ocean, but the other two now fixed themselves entirely on the being who had created it. He had already said hello, but it seemed to be taking this being a while to process what had just happened. He couldn't blame it: after all, he assumed that it wasn't every day that one had a new creature climb out of one's mouth (at least, he certainly hoped not: it was unpleasant enough being the one doing the climbing, he'd rather not experience the process from the other perspective).

Still he waited, but no response. Perhaps this one didn't know what "hello" meant? That was a possibility. Maybe he should try something else... Nos thought through what words he knew, which was a pitiful few, considering that he had only a few moments to learn what language was and how to communicate. "Hello" seemed like it had fit best, but that wasn't doing the trick. Instead, Nos tried to come up with a new word that might better get the other being's attention. Something fun, something that would delight the tongue. Ah yes, that was the ticket.

Nos straightened up, looked at death square in the... well... frontal region, and said, gravely, "Zebras."

It was a good bit of nonsense, but he liked the word enough that he'd have to keep it in mind for later. He'd give it a proper meaning, then.
A black head reared from the centre of the mass of string-like materials that made up Death's god-form. It was very much like the other one's heads, but of course, it was not his head. It was attached to Death and thus, presumably, was Death's head. But then, it was so obviously Nos' head in appearance that one couldn't exactly be totally sure. Nevertheless, the head reared, the mouth opened, and spoke in the voice that Nos had used to speak his scant few words.


Like before, with Life, it was his voice, but it was not his voice. In fact, in many ways it was everything his voice was not, but then, somehow that made it all the more his voice. 
Umi blinked up at the sky. Where there had been nothing, there was now a great electrical beast. And there, off to the left, pink clouds. Clouds that, even this far away, made Umi shudder and gurgle. Were there other things out there, strange shapes that seemed to move, as if alive? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The creature turned, trying to distance itself from whatever lurked on the horizon.

It had glided some distance, but then it paused. Something was about to happen. It's tentacle began to move, dancing across the ground faster and fast until they were nothing but a blur. Then they stopped. On the ground were several strange shapes and intricate patterns. Ocean, thought the creature. Another unbidden thought. It plunged a tentacle into the center of the drawings, and a surge of energy passed through the hovering being.

The ground began to split open. Cracks, spreading across the surface of the planet, widening, deepening. They stretched for miles in mere seconds. Then water began to pour forth. Bursting from the ground like geysers in some places, quietly seeping forth in others. But the ground didn't stop tearing itself open when the water began. It continued stretching outwards. Soon, water, gently rippling, covered the land all around the hovering creature. Umi decided that what it saw before it was an ocean.

The creature was tired. But there was still energy pulsing inside of it. And there was more work to be done. Ocean. It projected that word, along with an image of the glittering surface before it, far out over the surface of the planet. If there truly were other creatures like Umi out there, perhaps they would hear. Perhaps they would come and join in the celebrating the creation of the first water. Perhaps not.

Then Umi plunged beneath the surface of its creation. There was another world underneath the surface, but one just as barren as the one above. Umi began to swim, gently pulsating its body to glide through the water. It's tentacles writhed, and life spiraled away from the creature. Simple plants, strange microscopic creatures, animals protected by hard outer shells, and so much more! 

Fish, a scaly creature had just come into existence. Umi gurgled, it like this one. He began to create fish, so many kinds of fish, pausing every bow and again when names popped into its head. Then the creature was done. It was exhausted, there was no more it could do. So Umi began to drift about, exploring its new realm.

Command (Greater): 3 PP - Created an ocean. Or, a large sea, rather. A watery expanse covering part of the planet's surface. Depth varies greatly.
Nourish: 1 PP - Filled the ocean with sea life. Plankton, seaweed, coral, mollusks, and many kinds of fish. No sharks, whales, or cephalopods.

Generic: 0/1  Domain: Ocean: 0/1 Skills:  G: 0/0 I: 0/0 E:0/0 Combat: 0
The other god did not respond, and instead flew away to create something all its own.  Life was nonplussed.  Its attempts at greetings were ignored.  And so it moved on, skating its way over the surface of the world in a tangle of brilliant lines.  It caught an acrid whiff of the fumes from what was clearly the Enemy's work, and, still aching from its battle-wound, adjusted course...

And soon found itself coming up to the other Enemy and the thing-which-had-emerged-from-the-Enemy.  But, this other thing did not look nearly as threatening now as it had before.  Mustering up all of its courage, Life approached.

Hello it said, trying to be friendly again.
In the space some would call the heavens, blackness was still and ever present. Though like the time itself, there was something existing. As activity of divinity began to awaken, a massive cloud of particles and gas rapidly moved towards one another, spinning in a dance that gradually got faster. In this one with eyes of the divine could see heat generated until finally it exploded into a brilliant ball of hot blue and white fire.

For a moment this ball of rotating gas and light stood still, then took shape, slowly as if remembering something from long ago. Looking down at the world, it began to see all that was going on, but still unconcern with it. Something then caught its notice. A force as old as itself began to start. That force was time. Again it recalled memories of an age long ago.

"So Omus has stirred and the turning has begun. Then the dance of existence begins again..." it spoke to itself. With a massive gathering of energy, the humanoid shape reverted back into a ball, then grew bigger and bigger until another massive explosion occurred in a brilliant but violent manner. The ball of gas and light shrunk to a smaller version of the same blue and white light, but then transformed into even more of a humanoid shape.

"So as time begins, so to shall space, as it was once before. Luxia was my name, yes, Luxia." Looking over the other massive swirling balls of gas light began to be produced from them illuminating the darkness. "This will suffice for now, but all space must have its guidance." Luxia decreed before dashing of into the further darkness. "More works must be done, yet"

And thus, Luxia re-awoken and from him, stars were created.

Forge: 2 PP (including Domain) - Created a small band of stars to encircle the planet.

Generic: 0/1  Domain: Space: 0/1 Skills:  G: 0/0 I: 0/0 E:0/0 Combat: 0

The earth cracked open, and water came forth. Life and death and corruption all swirled around each other, none the wiser in the parts they play. The elements started forth. Wind blew, water flowed, and the earth screamed. No one, or no thing heard the scream, but scream it did. For the earth is slow to change, and many changes have been happening quickly recently. The very earth and world upon we all now stand, is changing. Into what no one knows. The very world itself needed something to protect it for it was difficult to do so in its current form. Deep beneath the very surface of the world an eye opened, and the world shook. Change was coming again. Was it friend, or was it foe? Only time would tell. The world stopped shaking. The eye had moved. Deep deep beneath the earth a great being stirred. It did not come forward, for it wasn't ready. But soon it would be.


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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

"Yes yes yes," Nos said, pleased that the creature before him had responded. He cackled with joy. Conversation! What a wonderful experience, he must have more!

He gripped the dry ground with a few spare hands and moved himself closer to the dark being. One head, the one that Death was imitating, leaned forward on a neck that seemed too long, and whispered conspiratorially in the other's ear, "Zebras."

The head snapped back into place and Nos cackled again, his arms dancing on the ground and in the air. One head, the one that had watched Life run away, noticed a great thing appear in the sky. It tried to get the attention of the other heads, and indeed succeeded in that goal by half, but Nos was too focused on the conversation at hand to let himself be torn away. "Alas, alas, we have more things to talk about than zebras, I'm afraid... good word, that, fun to say. Zebras. I like it. But yes, yes, talk about other things now, yes? Okay, good, yes."

Nos sat down on the ground, tucked a few arms underneath himself for cushioning, and had other arms form a backrest against which to lean. One head leaned forward, however, and fixed Death with his gaze. "Now, please, please, tell me everything you know."

The other two heads jerked to attention and fixed Death in their sights. Hands clapped excitedly, and the two other heads agreed with the first, "yes yes, everything you know. Start at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop."

Nos was ready to wait: it seemed that this creature liked to take its time to chose its words. And zebras was a good word for it to have chosen, it had impeccable tastes. Yet, even as he was totally focused on the act of waiting, the light one reappeared.

"Hello," Life said.

"Hello!" the center head said. "Hallooooo" the two side heads chimed in.

"A pleasure to meet you, a please to meet you," all three said in unison. "Come, come, that one is about to tell us  everything it know. Then, then, you call tell us everything you know, yes? Please, please?" several hands clapped excitedly. "As they say," Nos had no idea who 'they' were, "the more you know, the more you know."

Before more could be said or done, a great wave of water washed over the three gods, burying them under mounds of 100% pure liquid wetness. Nos found the experience to be most invigorating, but when he tried to express his glee, he found that the water wasn't very conducive to communicating in his usual manner (at least, as usual as something could be for a being that was still fresh to the world). Afraid that the wetness might prevent conversation, hundreds of Nos' hands began to push the liquid back, until he had established a small little bubble at the bottom of the sea in which they could talk. It would collapse as soon as his hands stopped pushing the water back, but it would suffice for now.
Life shook itself, the unexpected water falling from its form in a heartbeat.

Wet!  it shouted, spinning and accidentally wrapping itself around a good dozen of the hands of Not-Enemy before it.  It reversed itself quickly, breaking free.

Sorry.  It muttered, retracting into a tightly knit ball that hovered and provided light at the depth of the sea.

Thinking, it began to speak.

I know that I have two Enemies, one Not-Enemy and one Other.  I know that I am currently with one Enemy and one Not-Enemy.  Are you an Enemy, too?

Generic: 1/2  Domain: life: 0/1 Skills:  G: 0/1 I: 0/0 E:0/0 Combat: 1.
"Are you an Enemy, too?" the mass of bright strands asked.

Three different hands rubbed Nos' three chins as he thought. After a moment, he settled on an answer, "I don't know. What is an Enemey? And, actually, what is a Not-Enemy, and an Other?"
That which hurt me is an enemy.

That which stated that everything dies is an enemy

A Not-Enemy is you.  I do not know if you are an Enemy yet, but you are not an Other.

An Other does not greet me.  I do not know Others.
The left head tileted to the right as Nos considered the light things words. "Well," he offered, "I haven't hurt you, and I haven't said that everything dies... I have said zebras, though, is that okay? I did greet you, so I'm not Others, and I am me, so I must conclude that I am not an enemy."

A thought struck Nos and he asked, "What are you? And... is that all you know?"

An edge of disapointment flavored that last question.

There was a bubble. A bubble at the bottom of the ocean. An ocean belonging to Umi. What was it doing here? Were there things inside? It was too far off to be sure. So Umi began to drift towards it. 

There were definitely things inside. A large creature with many tentacles-that-aren't-tentacles, a thing of light, too bright to look straight at, and a smallish black thing that appears to be covered in bone. The untentacled thing had three round parts on top of it, with holes on them that appeared to be moving. How odd.

Umi began to circle the bubble, observing. It stuck a single tentacle in, then retracted it quickly. There was air inside. Then it settled down, gurgling, waiting for something to happen.
Death was a little put out, metaphorically speaking. It wasn't to do with the wetness, exactly. He was a god, and thus did not get wet. As far as permeability went, his god-stuff was way up there past raincoats and the like. He didn't exactly understand the fuss the other two were putting up. But that wasn't what put him out. 

I don't know! You know! He doesn't know! He life! I death! You know!

Death rumbled his strings in a manner that suggested grumbling. 
I am Life.  The ball said simply.

I know... I know there is something else.  There is Friend.  Enemy, Not-Enemy, Friend and Other.  But there is no Friend.  Perhaps I will make a Friend.

Suddenly, the protective shell was invaded by a tentacle, bringing in a fresh spray of water.

WET!  cried Life.
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