06/22/2012 TWTW: "Hall of Fame Calisthenics"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

1: Frank Karsten

Reason: A man that plays 3 of's and singleton's is a man you need to understand understands this game on a whole other level.

2: Patrick Chapin

Reason: The Innovator does this guy need another reason he has a "nickname"

3: Kai Budde
Reason: What hasn't this guy not won.

4: Brian Kibler
Reason: The meta master the man who can predict how the meta will look

5: Gabriel Nassif
Reason: Just amazing to watch him play
This seems weird.

                              1st Finkel 1st in PT Points and Top 8s.
                              2nd Budde 2nd in PT Points and Top 8s
                              3rd Nassif 3rd in PT Points and Top 8s
                              4th PVDR 4th in PT Points and tied for 3rd in Top 8s

                         SOOO... wouldn't 5th be Darwin Kastle? Since he's 5th in PT Points (1 less than PVDR) and in Top 8s?

                        He has twice as many top 8s as Maher. There are 22 people with more Top 8s than Maher. Tsumura and Oiso have 6 Top 8s (to Kastle's 8) and they haven't won a PT (unlike Kastle). How was Kastle not even Mentioned? Sure, maybe he's unpopular with the people polled, but how does BDM not point out the weirdness of Kastle not even being in the Top 8? Seems like BDM dropped the ball here.
This was a vote by other top players, it wasn't bdm making the calls.

That said, I'd have to put Maher up there.  He stopped playing 6 years ago and played in far less tournaments, but was definitely a master at what he was doing.  Why don't you look up wins:tournaments ratio and get back to us with that statistic.  I know that's not the best way to decide, but I don't think sheer number of points is either - especially when looking at players who don't play anymore.  There's just a lot more tournaments nowadays and a few wins back then means more than a few wins nowadays (because of the number of tournaments).
I find it comical, you all talk about this like its a sport or something.

I say congrats to them for providing us t1 decks to net deck with.
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I find it comical, you all talk about this like its a sport or something.

I say congrats to them for providing us t1 decks to net deck with.

Pretty sure sports are just games too.  Not like any of these people (athletes or card players) are doing anything important through their chosen game (although they might outside their game).
I feel like this article should have had some honorable mentions. For the most part I agree with the Top 5.

Just some fellas I think should be there:

Brian Kibler
Frank Karsten
Zvi Mowshowitz
Patrick Chapin
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