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I started playing MtG roughly a week ago. So far, I have favored the Mono-Black Zombies and went 3-1 in my first FNM (I was pretty happy about that) I did lose a few matches due to protection and Hexproof monsters and was wondering what I could do to better enhance my deck.

Any Suggestions welcomed, I'm still pretty new to this.

Gravecrawler x 4
Geralf's Messanger x 4
Diregraf Ghoul x 4
Phyrexian Metamorph x 1
Phyrexian Obliterator x 1
Grave Titan x 1
Cemetery Reaper x 1
Butcher Ghouls x 3

Doom Blade x 3
Go For the Throat x 2
Dismember x 2
Bone Splinters x 2
Alter's Reap x 2
Despise x 2
Tragic Slip x 4
Lashwrithe x 2
Distress x 1

Swamp x 21

Deathmark x 3
Dismember x 2
Gloom Surgeon x 1
Praetor's Grasp x 2
Surgical Extraction x 1
Skinrender x 2
Highborn Ghoul x 2
Ghoul Raiser x 2

I enjoy the play style of mono black but my brother has been demolishing me with his Green/white deck using Hexproofs and the 3GW Angel (I forget her name). I was wondering is there anything I could do, so far I was thinking of splashing blue but if I did that I think I'd just want to go ahead and go with a Blue/Black Zombie Control kind of deck. 

Any feedback and criticism is appreciated. Thanks, I am glad to have found me a new hobby, MtG is a lot of fun!

The first thing you should know is decks don't belong in General.

Next you went 3-1 at FNM, so your deck seems to be pretty good. The one bit that strikes me is the Bone Splinters, but I've been out of Standard for so long I wouldn't know if that is the right move or not.  
I have no problems, I could just use a bit of time.
Apologies for the mispost, where does a question like this belong?

Standard Deck Help Center:

Welcome aboard! 

I have no problems, I could just use a bit of time.
Standard Deck Help.
Your deck seems pretty solid, but there are some things that could easily change for the better. 
For one, Butcher Ghoul is really mediocre and completely upstaged by Blood Artist. Especially a sac outlet like Falkenrath Aristocrat, it can really be a beating.
Praetor's Grasp is really a terrible card. Take it out for more Surgical Extractions.
Those are just a few things I might change. 

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Snapcaster Mage is the best card of all time. How do you deal?

Cool thanks for the card suggestion and the link. Appreciate it.
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