6/21/2012 Feature Article: "Magic Online 10th Anniversary"

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This thread is for discussion of this Feature Article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.

A lot of MTGO announcements leave me pretty flat, but this has lots of cool stuff.  I really appreciate all that went into it.

If you're on MTGO check out the Free Events via PDCMagic and Gatherling.

Other games you should try:
DC Universe Online - action-based MMO.  Free to play.  Surprisingly well-designed combat and classes.

Planetside 2 - Free to play MMO-meets-FPS and the first shooter I've liked in ages.
Simunomics - Free-to-play economy simulation game.

Three cheers for 10 years!
Thanks for the free cards, cheers!
I love you WOTC!!!!!!  Laughing

Having a very old account, I got the maximum payout!  This is the coolest thing WOTC has done since the free mini master day!
Surprising us with cool free stuff is very effective, thank you.
And then comes the realization that I´ve been playing magic online for nine years...

Seriously? I'm such an addict :p

(thanks for all the presents Wizards, it's awesome )
Wow free cards in addition to the events? AWESOME

As someone said I just checked when I joined... June 2005 it has been my 7th year... that's why I probably played a bit less as of late, but the new client gives me hope of an even better experience .

Happy anniversary everyone! 
I don't remember how long ago I created my MTGO account, but I haven't been able to access it in nearly half a decade because WOTC still hasn't made a Mac compatible version.  I'd really like to be able to access all the cards I've bought, and won, and enjoyed playing with.  I really don't want to run a Windows partition, and I can't afford another computer.  I'm glad that Wizards is showering all of these gifts on loyal fans, but I still feel like their forgetting a whole lot more of their fans who can't even express their affection.

Closing in on the 10% of potential users now using an Apple, maybe after 10 years (congratulations!), it's time for a Mac version?


Congrats on 10 years!

And many thanks for Magic Online. I would almost never get to draft if not for MtGO and being able to find a game at any time of day is just amazing. :-)

Here are my top three wishlist items for MtGO. Please stop reimplementing the client (which didn't really need it either of the last two times either) and get on with these!

1) Fix replays and make them shareable and permanent. The main place I talk about Magic is the Limited forum on MTGSalvation. It's pretty much the best place on the 'net to chat about drafting. However, whilst we do a fairly good job of helping people with their draft picks thanks to MtGO's draftcap feature it's virtually impossible to talk about the intricacies of actual gameplay because replays still aren't shareable. (Also, at the time of writing MtGO often loses replays, seemingly for no reason. This is an embarrassing and major bug that you really should have fixed long ago!)

In an ideal world replays should be indexable via URLs which launch the MtGO client (if not already running) and load up the correct game via a browser plugin (the same as Spotify URLs).

2) Support multiple trade configurations. Right now, trade is a nightmare for me. After ten years, my collection has tens of thousands of cards. I'm often in the position of wanting to give away spare Commons from older sets to new players. However, this takes forever, because I can't leave my spares marked as tradeable. If I do then whenever I'm trading high value Constructed cards to bots they vacuum up 50+ old Commons and offer me an extra 1 tix. This could be fixed by allowing each account to have multiple trade profiles which the user can switch between with a single click. (There are other ways to solve the problem too, just please provide something!)

3) Leagues. Yes, I went there. I know you're already doing these, so I'll spare you a paragraph of text on the subject!
Thanks guys! Still disappointed thee was no med5 announcement or anything about the power 9... Was hoping we would finally know when we get vintage.... Isn't magics 20th anniversary coming up soon?

Calavera on MTGO I collect Zendikar Foil Basic lands. Trade me yours! Things that I want to see changed on MTGO: 1: 64 man drafts added to rotation of Events. 2: Visual/Audible Notification of disconnect, deckbuild/afk time expiring and round starts. 3: Prize Payouts as close to draft sets as possible. 4: Rotate Classic draft queues monthly! 5: MOCS level events for Classic/Pauper 6: Power 9! 7: Award Promo Cards for Constructed PEs (esp for Legacy/Classic) 8: Program Split option back in! 9: Set Favorite version in deck editor (i.e. always use x swamp) 10: Better sorting of gold cards in deck editor. 11: Bring leagues Back!

When will the beta and normal client merge ? It just mentions that it will. but no date on when ill be using the new UI to play
When will the beta and normal client merge ? It just mentions that it will. but no date on when ill be using the new UI to play

Yeah, that's what I want to know. Also, when do the public beta tests begin?
I've had my account since the very beginning, the first public beta where you could draft Invasion and Odyssey over and over again and it was amazing. The prize drop was an awesome thank you for being around so long. Love my foil Unhinged Swamp. Cheers!
Wow. Hooray for childhood. It turns out that I first activated my Magic Online account after getting an Eighth Edition Starter Kit way back in 2005. Sure I never actually logged in or did anything with it until earlier this year, but it turns out that kinda paid off. Yay free stuff!
Immature College Student (Also a Rules Advisor)
I wont be able to chat with the WotC guys. I'll be out playing at a paper event. So, I'd appreciate if anyone can ask them if are there any plans for a Mac version of the client.
This makes losing that INN/DKA that much more worth it. Yea!

Really would have been nice to have know you were doing this, I would have started my account a year earlier.

But srsly, bring leagues back plz    
I have no problems, I could just use a bit of time.
Foil Broodmate Dragon and foil Path to Exile, I'll take it.


THANKS! (nothing else needed, really! Laughing)
Foil Broodmate Dragon and foil Path to Exile, I'll take it.

I pulled a foil Elspeth, Knight-Errant. This may also go some way toward explaining my happiness.
Congrats on 10 years, and thank you very much for the incredibly awesome prizes.
Very good idea! 

However, in my case, sucks to know that no matter how much you played or for how long, if you didn't connect in 2012 (For example because you were opening an MTG-based store) you won't get the goodies... 
You know, I'm almost always posting (when I do post) about something I don't like and complaining about it. Not this time, not even close. I won't even complain about MODO for the rest of the year due to this one. I'm always trying to let WotC know how much they keep taking from the fanbase without giving back; well, this was a HUGE step, bigger than I ever expected, and really lets the veterans of the online community know that they are appreciated. I just got over $100 worth of product, most of it out-of-print, for free. I am completely blown away by this effort and just wanted to show my appreciation.

As for improvements? From me, just the usual: Leagues, better or cheaper prereleases (with a mythic rare for joining!!!), better interface, better trading and sorting options (no planeswalker buttons to find the planeswalkers outside of selecting "mythic rares"), clan support, better prize support for ailing formats (the MED4 farewell events were epic)... I don't want to go further into detail, just because others have covered it well and often.

Keep doing a great job. I still love to tinker with a new deck late on weekends and test it out in the JuFF/casual room 8 years later!
Thank you Ravnica and Cube draft for getting me active this year.  I now have one of my favorite tribes, slivers.  Cool

Thanks for the stuff.  Keep up the old formats.  I am looking forward to mostly Ravnica, Kamigawa, and Mirrodin.
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