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If you want to make your own magic cards for free visit my youtube video remember to comment rate and sub!!! Also Post a reply if you tryed it and liked it!!! 

I think we should all make cards!!!
What do ya say??? 
Plus if i get support i will keep making videos!!!
Magic Set Editor is a well known custom card tool. Most of the people here know how it works. Which isn't to say that a walk-through isn't helpful; however, if you're going to do so, you might want to make sure that you have all of your information accurate. I noticed a handful of incorrect bits during the video (mostly in terminology) and that sort of instructional doesn't help for those trying to learn the system.

That said, you should post some of your cards to the forum. If there's one thing we love to do around here, it's critique custom cards.
Thank you i highy accept the support!!!

Thanks, EPIC...I've always wondered how people on here did that, but was too lazy to ask/search.  LOL

I'll be using this alot, I can tell already.  Laughing
Maybe the person is referring to making your own magic cards as in pirating them. As in, printing magic cards to sell them as though they are authentic. There is actually a huge black market of people who print older cards and then pass them off as authentic. Pirating things like Bazaar of Baghdad, Black Lotus, Time Vault, and other very expensive older cards.


Not sure of his intentions, but I just intend to use it for this forum.
Well, if he is pirating cards, I hope someone can put a stop to him.


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