When was your first loss in 2013 campaign?

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How far did you make it before your first loss? I made it to krenko, including encounters. Hes so fast!
Playing pack instinct on planeswalker difficulty.
I had the game set on Planeswalker and didn't lose until I tried to fight Nefarox with Crosswinds.
Medium difficulty and I got beat by Odric while playing with Talrand's deck.  Lost about 3 or 4 times actually.
Playing with Chandra, lost my first campaing duel to TalrandLaughing Don't want to play with fully unlocked Pack Instinct. Need a challenge Plainswalker difficulty of course
First two games. Died to Talrand with Garruk, partially due to bad draws (first creature was 4cmc :/) and partially due to Talrand having a tactical advantage over Garruk's base deck (Kraken Hatchlings, Fog Banks and Fliers). 

Beat him soundly with Chandra though.
Garrus as Chandra because I drew only lands. Same thing with Leliana.
I've been playing only Chandra's deck on hardest difficulty.  Didn't lose til Garruk, but he took a few tries.
Havent lost yet... 

Havent started playing, just was able to edit the 2 unlocked decks with the preorder then had to go to work. We'll see tonight. 
Decks Used Slivers - Dragons - Artifacts - Elves Monsters - : Vampires - Knights - Infect
Liliana was the first to end my spree when I was using Born to Flame on Planeswalker. I nearly had her, and then she just came out of nowhere with her Xathrid Gorgon and turned my Inferno Titan, Chandra's Phoenix, and a Firewing Phoenix into sad little walls. So I realize burn needs to go to the face, until she gains like 8 life with Tendrils of Corruption. Then I misplay with a later topdeck Hostility. I went to attack, saw lethal on the board with my Fireblast in hand, and instead of waiting for her to play Murder and I Fireblast in response, I shoot the gun early and she knocks Hostility down. From there she just murdered me with one of her Shades.

That was a fun duel.
I lost to Odric with Talrand's deck about 3 times too. Really not a good match up, especially with Talrand's deck in its vanilla state.
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