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I absoultely love Planechase! Its got SOOOO many variables! Much more than archenemy does! The die makes it even more random!!! GOD I LOVE THIS MODE!
It is truly excellent and levels the playing field/helps prevent ganging up on people like in normal 4v4.

I'm in da club!
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I am Blue/Black
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Not worth making my own thread for this question. On planeswalker, does the AI ever attack someone besides me? In my first two games it was a 1v3, not a ffa.
Not worth making my own thread for this question. On planeswalker, does the AI ever attack someone besides me? In my first two games it was a 1v3, not a ffa.

Yes they do.  I saw Ajani attack Garruk in my first match.  Enjoy!

im surprised no one else has wanted to put in lol
I haven't tried it myself yet, but it does look awesome.
Am I allowed to join? Cause I love Planechase. Look me up on Steam: Microbless for some games.
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Ive only played 2 planechase games and won both times on planeswalker difficulty. Either way, I'm not really liking it. It's basically just 4 player FFA with a little twist. I'd much prefer to have Archenemy back, because it's so different from the other modes. I'd always play Archenemy every once in a while when I felt like switching things up on dotp 2012. It's fun to work with other people to take down the archenemy.
It's pretty fun and crazy crazy crazy. I played a 40 min match against the AI - was in full control - and a certain Plane shifted and put everyone's creature from their GY back to play. I lost and was rather mad. Yell


I love it and hate it at the same time. So far, I've only played aganist the A.I. and  they love to mess up my plans any chance they get, which is great. When I finally won my first match I was so ecstatic. Can't wait til' I unlock my decks and get to play some great matches. Cool
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I am Red/Black
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I just finished a game on my xbox I started at noon EST, it's now 11:40 pm. I went out for dinner and a job interview, I got it!, during the game. I actually played on my iPad during the drive to the restaurant. lol

Anyway I was Adjani vs 2nd Adjani vs Talrand vs Garruk. When it was all over my life was 1,342. Ajani was the last man, cat?, standing his life was at 303 when he tried to draw from an empty deck.

EPIC! This mode is amazing! 
Well, I'm glad people are liking it. I personally don't think it's all too great. IMO, I had more fun playing Archenemy.

It took me roughly 10+ tries to actually win, and even then I only won after I dropped it down to mage difficulty (though I don't think that had much to do with it), and fully unlocked the pack instinct (or whatever garruks deck is). And even then, I have a feeling it was mostly luck. It might be more fun when you're up against actual people who might now and then make a mistake, or play different decks, but when you go up against the same three decks, and they seem to tend to team up on you (I've had almost the exact same board as the NPC garruk and STILL got attacked first) it really ruins it. Especially when you consider the games take roughly an hour each, give or take.

Going up against the AI, it honestly almost feels like archenemy, only I'm the one getting boned by the scheme cards.

You can almost always guarantee that if you're doing well, and about to lay the smack down, the next plane to come up will be the destroy all creatures one. If they took that one out, I wouldn't mind so much. I can live with the one with counters that deals damage, and even the one that does planar cleansing (unless the card has that token on it). but just plain destroy all creatures? thats ridiculous and slows the game down tremendously.
Just since it hasn't been mentioned yet, in Custom game, you can do 1vs1 Planechase.
There was some question earlier on of whether this was allowed or if Planechase was limited to 4 players.
Yeah the computers definately seem to gang up on me a lot more than they did in 2012...

I really love it! I've been playing it for hours. I really wish they could have given us an option to speed up the die rolling mechanic. When Garruk is sitting there at 12 mana and using it to siphon through the planar deck every turn it can get annoying to have to wait for the dice to roll every time! Also I hope they add in more plane cards preferably from the original Planechase set. The newer ones are alright but they don't quite have the soul that the originals did.

Also maybe seperate unlockable "kits" for planechase so people can tailor fit each deck to planechase? That would be great! Some of the decks just don't seem to translate well to multiplayer. 
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I would like the next expansion to also have some extra planes and maybe a way to make our own dek of planes (chose those we like to play with .
Finally got around to playing the first Planechase match up and boy what a doosie. Ended with an epic finale where I murdered Ajani with 34 Saproling Werewolves. Rawr.
I had a Hostility in play against 3 other players with a lot of mana. Earthquake -> game. Cool


Just played a real epic planechase game where we walked to Onnake Catacombs and my 

Siege-Gang Commander
" tooltip="Siege-Gang Commander">Siege-Gang Commander became a rocket launcher of death! Next turn we planeswalked into that phenomena that turns all the blanks in the next plane, which was the Hedron Fields. Four 7/7 Eldrazi later I planeswalked away to the plane that gives all creatures vigilance.

Needless to say I would really want to see the faces of my opponents as the guy who had long since seemed burnt out overran their board positions with a tide of double striking Eldrazi! 
Khyber is a dark and dangerous place, full of flame and smoke, where ever stranger things lie dormant.
I'm not seeing the "ganging up" against me, on planeswalker difficulty. Poor AI garuk got the brunt of it.

Great mode imo, although a bit hard to keep track of things when you just start out. I feel they should've started the PW-campaign with a 1v1 to ease you in.
I cannot win planechase with Garruk's deck on hardest difficulty. Then attack me like 90% of the time even if I do not have any board presence. Once I was really close to finishing an opponent then the other AI cast Beast Within on one of his medalionbs to save him! Why would an AI player help another?! I'm confused. Even if I play 3 player planechase it's still 2 againts me.

Then I lowered the difficulty and suddenly the AI stopped attacking me. There has to be a middle ground. I want to be attacked but not like 99% of the time  
I cannot win planechase with Garruk's deck on hardest difficulty. Then attack me like 90% of the time even if I do not have any board presence.

They attack you 90% of the time because you have no board presence.
When I played the first Campaign Planechase, I (playing Jace) focused all my library destruction on Ajani and used my bounce spells and planar effects to make Talrand and Garruk easy targets. They fought amongst themselves all game because I had a pair of 5/5 flyers, a Mind Controlled Spider and a Cloned Terra Stomper.
yea ive noticed with the ai if you show any signs of weakness of have a slight gap in ur defense they come at you all out they care not if they have no blockers xD
on the note of planechase with other players online... I understand the thought of human survival, but its pretty messed up to be like "oh, he is on my friend list.  no need to attack/mil/destroy anything he got." my first ranked planechase with humans.... the same mil deck but with 90+ cards in it and he decides to kill me first than to kill the guy next to me thus he cost the game for EVERYONE. lol whats worse is the lifegain deck conceded with 60+ life to give the other black deck the win with 1 life! lol I swear gaming is so exploited.

Still... I love planechase! LOL

Edit: so I also assume when people see the mil deck they automatically target just that person. happens all the time with me.
I hate it. Played an 90+ minutes worth and only won a single game. They always gang up on me, and for some reason, the stupid A.I's are constantly rolling the dice when a good plane comes up.

Ex. "Whenever you roll the planar die, draw a card", so they have no cards in hand, nothing in play, what are they going to do? Roll the ****ing planar die until the plane changes!

Don't get me wrong, planchase is really awesome, but not in M13. I am going to have to purchase one of the real decks because I know my friend would love it!  
Do the people who dislike it, mostly dislike it when played with AI, because I can see how that's not going to be a fun experience at times. This format really wants to be played with a good group of friends in my opinion to get the most enjoyment out of it. Assuming that group loves chaos though. I know Planechase isn't for everyone.
should I use a 90+ deck for planechase?  I mean a LOT of ppl are using 90+ and are doing AMAZING.
I'm inclined to say decksize means far less in planechase due to the chaotic nature of it, but personally Ill still cut my deck to 60 to get higher chance of getting FFA friendly cards out more though. 
Why would an AI player help another?! I'm confused.  

I've done this in a 4 player FFA before.  If I'm not in the strongest of positions and I need another player alive (when he's about to die) to increase my chances of winning later on, I'll save that opponent if I am able to.  Maybe the AI thought that was the case?  Just a guess.
You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!
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at least for going up against AI, I suggest having a larger library. If nothing else, when/if it comes down to you and ajani, you always have the option of decking him if you have more cards. I had him deck me. I was playing the same deck, and had 400+ life, but lost because I ran out of cards first.
I get attacked if I have a strong board presence. I get attacked if I don't. I get attacked if I have the same as AI Garruk. In a 3 Planchase mode I got attacked by one player while both of us were significantly weeker then the third player. Then than one just mopped the floor with both of us. 

I doesn't really matter what I do or do not do. Most of the time the AI groups againts me. Having the AI have fixed god draws is one thing but having all three of them have it AND go againts me is really not fun.

Maybe it's just this deck because I cannot stop flyers profitably or maybe something else. I don't know. 
In the current game against the AI, every time the plane changes all the creatures are wiped.  What gives???  The AI just keeps changing planes and wiping the board so I can't keep anything up.  I thought it was the "Mount ?????" plane (this started the first time someone left that), but Ajani has immunity to that damage and his creatures get wiped too.
I love ArchenemySmile
Some planes can really turn games around. Last game vs 3 other guys the Talrand player played like 5 Time Warps. :X

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I preferred Archenemy.  I can tell that this mode will serve the same fate as Archenemy and will have no one playing it online in a week or two.
i am starting to notice people who host and give private slots to their friends.  People are now exploiting and "ganging up" on others.
I hate Planechase. It is too much about luck and not enough about skill.

Here is an example of why this mode completely sucks:

I forgot the names of the Planes cards but we encountered a Phenomenon that made it so any blank roll of the die counted as rolling a planes power ability until we left that plane. We were on a plane where if you rolled the power ability, you put a 7/7 colorless Eldrazi with Annihilator 1 into play.

My first opponent rolled three blanks for three free 7/7's with Annihilator 1.

My second opponent rolled two blanks for two free 7/7's.

My third opponent rolled a blank, for a free 7/7, and then planechased.

I get nothing.

Archenemy was way better. There will be nobody playing this online.
I think I figured out what dictats who he AI attacks in Planchase mode. It's the person with the highest power amongs cratures (that's why Garruk gets picked on or if it's tied the person left of the attacker (on an empty board) or the 2nd to the left if the first one can block the attacker profitably. If everybody can block the attacker it decides not to attack. 
Pssst. You don't have to play 4 players....
I enjoyed Archenemy a lot more.  With Planechase dumb luck and dice rolls decide who wins.  If they simply brought back Archenemy and added a points system whereby players earned a point playing against the archenemy in multiplayer and had to spend three points to play as the archenemy, it would be perfect.
So, there is still no club "I dislike the Planechase"? +1 to Archenemy was way better. In 2012 when i was unlocking some deck my last match after unlocking all and finishing customizing the deck was against 3 AI enemies in the Archenemy mode. After playing Planechase for 3-4 times against AI i absolutely despise it and don't even want to try it online. Too chaotic and random, too many planes and phenomena cards in the play, too much text to read every time or trying to memorize every plane's effects. Just too complex for the fast fluid game. And this is another reason, games are dragging too long usually. Also GUI is bad, i can't see clearly all cards of the top opponents (especially on the left). I don't see how this can be enjoyable for someone loving strategy. Archenemy schemes are powerful, but not ground braking most of the time and there are only few of them available for the archenemy. It looks more balanced as you have advantage of the schemes, but you have to deal with 3 enemies.

So, as Archenemy matches are hard to find i will probably still be playing 2HG online most of the time.

After unlocking one deck through a campaign i also find out for myself that playing same encounters is getting boring. So two new features pale and i'm left with the simple campaign fights and online 2HG, minus the Archenemy. Hm, maybe they can add Archenemy mode in the expansion..
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