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I have to say that I'm very disappointed by the almost total lack of official support for this season on this forum. The author of the adventure hasn't even checked in once. There have been no background articles like we had with season 6 (Lost Crown of Neverwinter). Pretty sad really.
- Rico
It's the sign of the times I suppose.  WOTC has different priorities right now...and I support them in that I really want them to get 5E right.

But I have to admit, it would be nice to get a little feedback from the authors...especially given that this whole Rise fo the Drow campaign arc is going to be here for a good long time.

To be fair, noone provided the support on this forum the Erik Scott de Bie provided for the Neverwinter season of encounters.   He was on daily with his own questions for the author thread and was very active in the DM discussion before each session.  He kinda went out of his way to be appoachable and encourage DM's to ask questions and to change things to work better.  Its no wonder that it was one of the best Encounters seasons.

The author of Beyond the Crystal Caves was on a fair bit as well, but I don't recall his name.  He did well though.

Is it about pride of ownership?  Or maybe just lack of involvement in the community and organized play?


Steve Townshend was the author who was active on the foums for Crystal Cave. It was my first season DMing Encounters and his insights and suggestions were invaluable.

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Has WotC even posted an "official" renown tracking sheet for this season yet?
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Last I checked WotC hadn't even changed the background options in the character builder yet from last season. But I guess the builder has always been a bit off.
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