DnD Playtest Battle Maps

Hey, all. I had created maps for the DnD Next playtest for use in MapTool, or a similar virtual tabletop program. Nothing spectacular. They're just bare maps of the Caves of Chaos in 50dpi. I didn't add any features as I typically add those as separate tokens/items that can be manipulated in whichever program I'm using during play. Just thought since I made them for personal use I'd share them with whomever needed a map or two in a pinch. FYI I used this very easy to use mapmaking site:


You can grab the maps from my profile photos in my gallery. I uploaded both .jpg and .png versions:


Your maps look awesome! I don't use battlemats, especially not with a dungeon that my group is so familiar with, but if I did, I'd grab these!
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Thanks Shiftkitty! I'm not really that impressed with the maps. The textures, and items from the pyromancer site are a little too limited. I've updated the maps so the backgrounds are all white, and added furnished maps of caves A, and B-C as they might be more useful. Unfortunately the furnished maps are only 32dpi. Trying to export as 50dpi with items caused issues. Ah well. I'm thinking of importing my own textures, items, etc, and revamping the maps completely anyway so they're more accurate, and better looking. For now though hope these are of use to someone!
Thank you! Very usefull.

On a related note:  Here are some very nice high resolution maps someone else made of the Chaves of Chaos:




Nice work sir.

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I'm mapping out my very first map.  With a little graph paper, I skecthed out the world in Caves of Chaos, enlarging it a little:

Map Sketch

Now for some tracing paper and a little color for the forests:


I don't know how maps are created now.  I know there are map-packs and alike.  But I'm enjoying this old school method because it's allowing me to see my world a little better.  It feels more authentic to me.  From this, I can make my roads, towns, streams and hamlets--of course, an overlay of the dungeon.