U/R Dragon Deck (please evaluate)

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I was wondering how effective this deck would be. It's based around pumping up my dragons to ridiculous levels, with some blue control to keep the opponent off balance.

4 Fledgling Dragon
4 Moonveil Dragon
4 Spellbound Dragon
4 Dragonspeaker Shaman

4 Assault Strobe
4 Mirror Sheen
4 Crucible of Fire
4 Drake Umbra
4 Sword of Vengeance
4 Mana Leak

6 Mountains
6 Islands
4 Cascade Bluffs
4 Sulfur Falls
Most of the list is not currently Standard legal.
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On the topic of Treasure Mage: Hello planeswalkers. Look at your hand, now back to me, now back to your hand, now back to me. Sadly, your hand doesn't have a big game-winning bomb in it, but if you searched through your library for an artifact with converted mana cost of 6 or greater, you could get one. Look down, now back up, shuffle your library. Where are you? You're in a Magic game, and you're losing. What's that in your hand? It's a Wurmcoil Engine. Look again, the Wurmcoil Engine is now a ticket to Nagoya. Anything is possible when you cast Treasure Mage. I'm on a dragon. Currently Playing: U/R Burning Vengeance Control 10-2 http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ur-burning-vengeance-2/
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