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So I've taken the Herald test (6) times and... much to my dismay... failed. Not for lack of rules knowledge; I just mis-read questions or skip entire words which changes the entire meaning of the question, or more often I encounter a question from an essentials book, and I do not play essentials or own a single essentials book at all. I'm ready to take the test again, but the judge center says there are no tests of that kind available for me. Is there anything I can do to remedy this problem, or am I **** outta luck until 5E (which I am play testing) is officially released?
I suspect that the test isn't available to you because it's not available anymore, at all.  (I just went to the test center and could find no sign of it, myself.)

The Herald test was a test for RPGA judges.  It used to be that you had to pass the Herald test to be able to schedule RPGA events and order RPGA adventures.

That's no longer the case: for one thing, the RPGA, as a formal entity, no longer seems to exist (it seems to be folded into the broader D&D Organized Play program). Secondly, you no longer need an RPGA (or DCI) number to play LFR (save for, perhaps, at a very large convention or at a retail event).

With the exception of "ADCP" adventures (which are usually battle interactives, and specifically constructed for large venues like conventions), you can download any LFR adventure from www.livingforgottenrealms.com/ (though note that some of the older LFR modules are actually in a big .ZIP file which you would actually download from WotC). 

In short: there's no longer a Herald test, because the way that LFR is now structured, it's no longer needed.
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Thank you very much! I thought I was going crazy, or I had failed too many times. I didn't like that test much anyway - too many essentials questions for someone who doesn't own a single essentials book. I'd get every 4E question right, but I'd get questions about gargoyles wrong because the stats they were looking for werent in MM1/2/3 but rather they were in the MV.
BTW, just so you know, this particular forum is an old, "legacy" forum -- a leftover from the period before WotC did a redesign of their message boards a couple of years ago. While this forum is (obviously) still open for new posts, it sees very little traffic now (as the VCL for RPGA-type stuff, I come back in here every day or two just in case someone makes a new post).

There is now a dedicated group within these boards for LFR.  The group is moderated by the LFR campaign staff, who regularly participate in the discussions there (and there's just a lot more traffic there in general).

You can find those boards here:

(Note that you may need to apply for membership in the LFR group before you can post there.)

Hope this helps!
"Of course [Richard] has a knife. He always has a knife. We all have knives. It's 1183, and we're barbarians!" - Eleanor of Aquitaine, "The Lion in Winter"
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