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Our group is planning to do a OA quest, though he oks with my Nezumi, he does not want the immune taint on it, I was hoping to find a useable in place of it in the other books, but having trouble in finding it.  My DM is ok with this as long as I can show him that is was not homebrewed.

If anyone can help me find something to replace it and the ref to it, be very nice.  We use 3.5 specs..
Unfortunately, the Nezumi is from the Rokugan Campaign Setting.  I checked the official book from AEG, and all variants within that book have immunity to the taint.  So, any other variants will need to be homebrewed.

You may want to talk to your DM to see if there is something else that is equivalent to the taint (perhaps a disease/magical disease), and see if he is okay with you being immune to that instead.

Good luck!  Hopefully others will be able to help you more.
Thank you, I made the suggestion and wait for reply, actual I like the whole plague carrier idea.  Was looking for something more toward the Kamigawa Nezumi in flavor and I think that will work.

Once again thank you for your help.
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