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I have a warrior that has a flamedrinker large shield.  When I go to equip, it auto un-equips it.  Anyone else having this type of issue.   This isn't the only item, the robe of resistance +2 on my mage will also not stay equiped.
It's a bug.  I haven't seen this specific version of it, but I have had it happen before.  No idea what causes it, though I've had some success sometimes in rebuilding the character from scratch.  But that doesn't always work.
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I had the same with a normal heavy shield.

Try this:
Unequip your weapon
Equip the shield
Equip weapon.

Worked for me
And make sure you aren't equipping a two-handed weapon, since the builder does not show two-handed weapons being wielded in both hands.  If you are not sure, check in the Equipment list and make sure it's a one-handed weapon.
I did find another solution that works... get two of each item, it lets you equip one of them. 
I did find another solution that works... get two of each item, it lets you equip one of them. 

I found that this works pretty often.  The other thing I see with shield problems in particular is to NOT use the Marketplace to buy a Whatever Large Shield, since enchanted sheilds are often buggy in the marketplace and they're really not supposed to be one item anyway - a magic shield occupies the Arms slot, legally, but you have to hold it in your offhand too.

Instead, go to the Find Equipment tab and buy a mundane Large Shield and equip that in your offhand and then find the Flamedrinker shield item in the Arms slot category and equip that in your Arms slot.  If it's just that equipping the large shield is giving you problems then yeah, get two of them and equip one or change the order in which you equip your main hand and off hand items.

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I think this happens, when you remove an equipped item. The CB sometimes bugs with this, as some properties of the old item are still shown.
So to avoid this, it is often best, to first unequip the obsolete item and then remove it from the character.


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