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So if I mind control a creature, in this case lets say Mirrodin Crusader, and it is enchanted with Armored Ascension (+1/+1 for every plains you control), do I get the other players armored ascension bonus?

Lets say my opponent has 5 plains. Mirrodin Crusader would have +5/+5 on top of his base 2/2. Making him a 7/7 double strike.

Now if I mind control his Mirrodin Crusader, would he remain a 7/7? Or would he fall back to a 2/2 assuming i have no plains at all.

You're only taking control of the creature; the enchantment is still controlled by your opponent, and it will count his Plains.
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The "you" in Armored Ascension's text refers to the controller of Armored Ascension, regardless who controls the enchanted creature.

So if you control the aura, it will count your plains, and if your opponent controls the aura, it will count his plains. Note that controlling the creature DOESN'T automatically give you control of the aura. 

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