Vryloka, Shades, Revenants, and other monster Races

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I can't help but notice that there are almost no racial feats for a lot of the "monster" PC races.
For some things (like the bullywug and the Gnoll), these were probably intended as jokes and accidentally became outre' munchkinism favorites.

On the other hand, Vryloka were put in as a player race in Heros of Shadow, as were Shades and Revenants. You'd think the book that introduced them might provide that kind of detail, but no. At least, not completely. There are a couple of 'meh' racial feats for one of the three races in that book. And nothing has been done (as of last week) to remedy the deficiency--nothing that showed up in the online character builder.

So, what about the others?

Any suggestions?
Do we need "monster feats" as a general category, or narrow it down so that each race allowed gets access to its own set of feat bonuses?
Revenants were first introduced in Dragon 376, in which there were a bevvy of feats at their disposal. Many of these feats, while not part of the Heroes of Shadow book, are still applicable selections. So on that front, they do still have feat support.

The other races do not however. Very sad, as I doubt we'll get any with the heavy work being done for 5e...
I could see feats by key-word.
Goblin/orc feats
Construct feats (similar in not identical to Warforged)
Giant feats (similar to goliath?)
Reptile Feats (support your local bullywug!)
Undead Feats (revenants, shades, vryloka, any other shadow race)
Fey Feats (for your pixies, brownies, nixies, and other wierd freaks from the Feywild other than elves or Eladrin)
Plant feats (for treants and dryads, and such like)

The main reason for the lack of feat support is that the avalanche of race-specific feats in the early books drew complaints that too many of them were unnecessarily race-specific. This became part of the rationale for moving away from using race-specific feats in the latter half of 4E... which is also when many of those races showed up. (There was a bit of movement back toward using them with HotF, though.)