Eladrin heritage feat?

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I've posted about this before but there's been a few chances since and it looks like it could be relevance pretty soon.

Basically my character is a half-Eladrin who's mechanically human aside from some situational stuff. I like how the human mechanics work, but I was hoping there'd be an Eladrin bloodline/heritage feat(since they're a "magical" race of sorts) and there sadly isn't.

The basic think I was looking to get was low light vision, and Fey Step once a day. Maybe some other small situational bonus(burn a healing surge for additional use of Fey Step?). I was wondering how to work this on the character sheet. Maybe just the low light vision feat, and just remember I can also Fey Step once a day? Or maybe reskin another power? 
You could do it as a theme.

Level 1 you get Feystep as is.

Level 5 you get their racial skill bonuses

Level 10...maybe you get their trance thing?        
Cool idea, but already have Order Adept. Could maybe swap some stuff out.
You could maybe get your DM to let you take Fey Step as a racial utility power?

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