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When you have a sliver enter the battlefield with Harmonic Sliver in play do you HAVE to destory target artifact or enchantment? and if so does that make it to where you can't play slivers unless there is an artifact or enchament available for you to destory?
If there is a legal target for the ability you MUST choose one.  If there is no legal target, the ability will simply be removed from the stack and nothing will happen.  

There does not need to be a legal target for that ability for the sliver to ETB.
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Yes, you must destroy an artifact or enchantment, but only if possible. If there are no artifacts or enchantments, this ability "fizzles," because of no legal targets. There is no written repercussion for not being abe to do this, it is simply something that must be done if possible. It is not a cost to cast a sliver, just an effect of putting one into play.

That includes your own artifacts and enchantments, so if there aren't many, watch what you play...
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