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In fact, I know she was planning on doing it last night, but your ascension post got eaten and she didn't feel like replicating the post on the spot

(facepalm) That's magical. lol

--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
Well, at the time, my internet was being so wonky, that I can almost assure you that every attempt to replicate the post at the time would have resulted in it being eaten. But I posted a rather less impressive replacement post just now so... you are ascended!
I will never again spend all of my PP on Sunday morning...

Umi now has no PP to deal with the filth fish, and I think helping ascend Nature would've been fun too...
Woot! I'll post tonight. Time for the Architect to lay down the law. lol
--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
Just to let you know, Toe, I want to put my Bonus PP from ascending into Empower again  
Well, I think pretty much all of us have exhausted our PP for the week, so perhaps we'll have an early reset by a day or two
Yeah, do the former, as that way my program just says 'oh good, 2 PP was spent' and doesn't give you 1 PP and ignore the other one   (and I *do* check, so don't worry *too* much about it )

I DID notice that!

Nerdzul... how much do you like Captain Planet?  

Time Lord... err... soon?  Ara told me she was having interent troubles earlier, so perhaps that is why nothing quite yet. 

Captain Planet! hehe

anyway my internet is down for the next 4 working days... 6 including the week-end bah... I can check the forum with my phone and reply from time to time, but I guess I'll not be that active for the next few days...
Hmm... I wonder if I might actually need to put more PP into that plane I created, since it sort of effects gods in an unusual way (that is, makes everyone have an autopresence there). Thoughts, oh Admins above?
I think it looks fine.

You should put it into the form, though  
Um... you might need to cut down on the description for the sheet. Apparently, I was too verbose. Shock and horror, I know.
Thats the best part of the form!  It converts it into a 'quickfacts' sheet for me so I don't have to read all that verbosity!
Wow, I get busy for a couple of days and I see 30 new posts! Damnit, too much reading to do!
So, do I also get more PP now?
Since the last time you posted last week?  

Yes :D

Also, can you rework your creation of the algae to be a little more... explicitly related to time?  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of cycles (I think its a great direction for you to go in, personally), but a sentance or two about the hows and the whys of the toxin-eating algae's creation would make that more explicit.  Thanks!

Oh, I don't think I mentioned this, but I'm traveling until sunday... so my internet access will be diminished. 
I don't know what you are talking about, Toph: I will certainly not be traveling until sunday, and my internet access is fine.

Fred, create circadian rhythms! If that is a basic aspect of life, you can totally use your domain for everything! bwahahahaha!

Well... I guess we don't have a day-night cycle, yet, so maybe that wont work...
Also, can you rework your creation of the algae to be a little more... explicitly related to time?

Oh, OK. I was kind of going with the idea that time causes the toxins to break down (the algae were just the method) but this sort of stuff is a bit hard to do when there's only one kind of fish and a kind of acid-spitting volcano in existance. Presumably if I have more PP I can still do it without the domain, though?
Actually, wouldn't algae come under a "minor" use of spawn, so 1PP? (I think I'm still getting to grips with this whole system I'm afraid). That would leave me with 1PP and my domain point, I think?
Actually, you have a choice there... our historical split is that spawns are things that can pose a threat to adventurers, while nourishes are things which do NOT threaten adventurers.  But yeah, in either case I'd say 1 PP.

As for Time, I think you could just add a line about 'as the wheel of time turned, algae appeared below in the wake of the toxin-fish, restoring the balance over time...' or something like that.

Okay, battery dying.  Hope I remembered my charger! 
Just a note:
Umi has created a buch of different sea creatures, so far, so there's more than one kind of fish and a toxic mountain... :P
OK. I guess it should be Nourish, then.
posting with my phone is too sloow for good (or crappy) rp I'll start playing IC as soon as I get the internet connection running at home again (I think next monday)
Does anyone need to be Begotton, by the way? I feel as though I should have lent a hand Begetting Nature (cycles and seasons and all that) but things seem to be going OK.
I think that the only two still waiting to enter the game are Joran and Shadow (and Kal, if he's still around). Joran, being Protection, might work nicely soon as the opposite of Punishment.
Didn't Joran already self-ascend? As Elemental or something? Or is Ara just showing her crazy again? 
Yeah, Joran's in the game.

Shadow and Kal... are those who are left.  So we'll get them in this next week.

I'm going to be really busy tomorrow and flying early sunday, and as we're all out of PP... I'm going to do the reset tonight instead of tomorrow.  So... you are warned!  
Outside, please remember to put your expenditures into the form on the first page

Everybody:  As long as your action has to do with your domain, its a 'domain action', so you can count it. I've gone back and given people credit for things for this week
Ooooooo. I thought that was specifically to note actions that we used our Domain PP on. My two other actions (beget, and spawn [which should probably be a nourish] bottomfeeders) should probably count. "Knowledge" was specifically called upon for Nature, while the bottom feeders are the aquatic carrion eaters (the traditional familiars of knowledge-god. Presumably, they eat the brains of the dead and then report the knowledge those brains held back to their patron god).

EDIT: Might I recommend these blurbs be put in the first or second post of the OOC thread?

..."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('post_content').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" />History, Week 2.

Life refuses to believe the secret of Death, and in response creates a massive being of electricity in the void beyond the planet to declare that Life will be present forever.  Krulsk creates mountains which shoot forth toxins and poisons the newly-made sea of Nos.  However, Omus, God of Time, awakens in the heavens above and works to counteract his dangerous power.  Nos discovers the realms of the mind, and forces Life to choose a name: Ikola.  Together, Ikola, Nos and Death form a God of Nature in the form of a large seed.  Death also creates The Architect, a god of punishment.  Finally, far away from the world in the void, Luxia appears and forms the first stars.

Also, presumably, this would be the newly made sea of Umi, not Nos.

EDIT EDIT: Oh, also put me down for Impose
I have a question - if our PP from last time carried over, does that include the domain PP? I think I have spent 2PP and 1 domain PP, and with the reset get 1 more PP (so a total of 1PP + 1 domain) but if the domain one carried over too that would mean I had 3PP (including the domain PP ofc), right?
Well, I assumed that unspent domain PP carries over, and I've used carried over domain PP without an admin raising an eyebrow, so...
OK, even better!
I'd like to put my domain point into the Ocean domain.

I've been counting your actions that I think make sense, so those have counted  (same for everyone else)

Also, check the 3rd post... I've been putting them there because the first post is just rediculously long with all of the rules and the second... every time I edit it, the PP form gets broken and I have to replace it.  So... its the 3rd post.   And Impose it is!  (you also gained a domain AP, incidentally)

Fred:  Yes.

Salmon:  K

Ah, I hadn't noticed that you had expanded into the third post slot.
As for my domain, I'll go with travel (figured it would be good to say sooner rather than whenever a good posting opportunity arises).
So, if you get an AP point, you can use it to get a second domain. If you use your domain a lot, you also get a domain point - does that go to a second domain, too? Can you choose to improve your existing domain instead of getting a second domain? 
There are two ways to increase your rank in a particular attribute (attributes being Domain, Combat, Generate, Impose, and Empower, I believe). Either use the related actions a lot (in the case of domain actions, those double-count for domains and whatever other action you take), or beget other gods and put that experience into whatever attribute you want.

Everytime you get a domain attribute point, you can either get a new domain (you have to create it, first) or you can increase the bonus from one you already have.

Does that make a semblance of sense?
Ah, OK. I wasn't sure if we were allowed to improve our existing domain - or if we were, if the improvement from using the domain lots could be put into a new domain. It seems like using one domain a lot should improve only that, not get you a completely new one (though I imagine they would be related, anyway).

Toph, your week 2 summary says "the newly made sea of Nos." Umi made that sea...
Salmon-  Hehe.  Good catch.  Sorry about that... made that summary in the midst of a bunch of excited and noisy cousins :D
Back from my trip.  Going to be trying to get my mapping program working so we can get a map for our world shortly. I hope I still have it somewhere...
That sounds pretty cool. At the moment, a big sea, beaches, mountains and now these creepy stars seem to be pretty much all over the place, but once we start getting more actual locations, getting an idea of where they all are would be awesome.
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