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This looks AWESOME!

I want to play.

Name: Umi
Holy Synbol: Three horizontal, squiggly lines of equal length
Appearance: A large, orange squid that appears to 'swim' through the air. Rather than the standard eight tentacles and two long ones, he possesses twelve tentacles and two long ones. These are are incredibly dexterous, making him a master of multitasking.
Proposed Domain: The ocean. Kind of generic, but not, IMO, overly so.
Misc: Umi is telepathic, all of his verbal communication consists of unintelligible gurgling. He is a benevolent god, although slightly eccentric and easily distracted. He has an extreme fondness for clams, particularly when they are deep-fried.
Welcome, Salmon!  (we ALSO think it is awesome )

Outside:  Psionics would work just fine.  We often have gods of Magic... "Space"... *shrugs* yeah, that should work as well.
Tea = Evil.
Tea = Good.
Tea = Time (Time Lord).

Thus, by starting with Tea, it's actually feasible to become a god of Good AND Evil, as well as Time, from whence collecting the rest of the universe's divine power should be easy.

I terms of what a god of Time would do.... well, I don't really know. I suppose I would have to Craft time itself before we could have turns (since weeks and suchlike don't exist yet). After that, Guiding the development of Time Travel is probably the best bet. Smile
OOooo... so we have a god of the sky above (well, space above) and the sea below. Those sounds like ancient, fundamental gods to me. Now if we just had someone who was constant and dependable to represent the earth. You know, someone who might mark the passage of the seasons, one who designates the beginnings and the end, from ashes to ashes, all that. You know, someone... time-ish to represent the earth...


Does that sound at all interesting, Fred?

If so, Toph, might I suggest Salmon, Fred, and Outside as entering sooner rather than later, to represent the earth, sea, and sky? Very fundamental things, those.
Sounds good to me.  What do the three of you want?  Begetting or Self-Ascending?
Sure. OK, how's this:

Name: Omus
Holy Symbol: None. Omus was around before holy symbols were invented, and he'll be around afterwards, too. His followers usually use an hourglass, a clock or a wheel to represent him.
Appearance: Omus' most natural form is that of a hulking bald man with black, empty holes in place of eyes in which the vastness of the universe can be seen. He has been known to appear as a man of any age - often changing over the course of a single conversation - though he prefers an old, bearded form with a staff. He usually carries a sickle or scythe and an hourglass.
Proposed Domain: Time
Self-Ascended or Begotten: Self-Ascended seems to make most sense.
Misc: Omus represents the passage of time in all its forms. To tribal folk, farmers and country-men he is the god of the harvests and the seasons. To some he is a god of technology, advancement and progress, whereas to others he is a god of age and decay. Many philosophers consider him to be something even more, something less tangible and more primal, the very force of the cosmos itself.
(Or at least, that's what his followers like to think) 
The Elder Thing has arrived to widness divinity being born....
To be clear, Fred, I was just throwing around ideas. Please don't feel like you need to latch onto them. I do hope that they'd be interesting enough that people want to use them, but your character is, of course, up to you.

That said, I do love the description of your god.

Salmon, ocean is a fine domain to have. I suppose it might be generic when compared to, say, the domain of parbaked sourdough  bread, but oceans have a long and proud godly tradition, from Poseidon to Sobek to Mazu to Aegir. That's good company to be in
Well, I'm not sure I can quite represent the Earth, but seasons and harvest are a natural addition (Father Time as opposed to Mother Nature, so to speak).
I want to self-ascend.

Seeing as the IC thread has just starte and I don't need to wait for someone to beget me, should I be waiting for someone to tell me to post still?
Give Anubis and I a day or so to set up things... we have a short opening sequence planned that should segue nicely into a flurry of self-ascensions :D
I like your idea Though. So ill be going with the space idea. Will have a character posted soon.
Name: Luxia
Holy Symbol: None. Simply Luxia has never understood the concept of holy symbols and various other trinkets as these. To him, if someone wants to pray or try to communicate to him all he needs to do is look up at the stars.
Appearance: Luxia appears as a being of pure energy. What shape that energy takes depends on what he mainly feels like. Sometimes he appears as a humanoid being or a spherical shap similar to a star. When dealing with mortals or other gods though he will appear humanoid out of respect. Although regardless of shape, the color of the energy changes with his mood. For instance, if angry he is dark red, when mellow a greenish color. In all cases he is always seen in with an aureola at his back and small rays of light encircling him like planets to a sun.
Proposed Domain: Aether, in the context of outerspace. (Stars, comets, ect.)
Self-Ascended or Begotten: Self-Ascended
Misc: To many mortals, Luxia is many things associate with the "sky" beyond a world.  Primal mortals see him as lord of night and day, in part to the moving of the stars and sun. It is also believe Luxia was the creator of worlds, caused in part to such things as comets hitting their world. Other associate him as a god of goodness driving back the evils of night and vice versa. Higher civilizations regard him as a patrion of astonomy and navigation. Mortals associated with the occult believe such divination abilities as astrology came into being because of him where as more scientific mortals try to classify Luxia as simple forces of nature like gravity. Whatever the take, Luxia doesn't care as he rarely engages in the affairs of mortals. Though despite his lack of participation, he has a presence on mortals every day of their lives.
Looks good, everyone.

Can I get everyone's preferences for begetting/ self-ascending?

Here's what I have now:

Toph -Self
Anubis  -Self
Ara - Beget
Thought -
Kal -
Nerdzul -
Shadow - Beget
Salmon -Self
Outside -Self
Fred- Self 

Anyone else that I'm missing? 
From the looks of the IC thread, the planet already exists when we start. Is that right? When I was looking at the previous thread the planet didn't seem to come into existence until page three or four, so I wasn't sure...
Yeah, this time around it appears we're starting with an empty planetoid.  Of course, we don't have to *stay* with that empty planetoid, but it seems a logical place to at least start.
I would love the idea of self-ascension, but it doesn't make much sense that the god of punishment would just spontaneously appear. So I guess being begetted makes the most sense.
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I can go either way. If someone is willing to beget me, I think I'd prefer to go that way, but unless someone wants to go about having their head split open or the sort, I'm also good self-ascending.
Okay, so the dissemination of godstuff from both Anubis and I has opened up the possibility of self-ascension (I told you it'd only take a day or so :D)  

So... lets start self-ascending!

Salmon, Outside, Fred... you're cleared to post.

Thought... You're getting begetted very soon, so... be ready.

Time_Lord:  Whoops, knew I missed someone.  I could see you self-ascending as a correlary to a desire for vengance... coming into existence to fulfil a fervent wish on the part of a God or the like.   

Other self-ascenders (of whom I don't see anyone...)  Lets wait a day or two to self-ascend some more... give these gods a little bit of time to get their... 'god-legs' as it were.
Oh, and in case people didn't notice it.  The second post of this thread now contains a form to enter your PP expenditures.  Please use this, as it saves me a lot of time and... I can't promise that you'll get credit for your expenditures if you don't use the form.

Thank you.  We'll probably have our first reset tonight or tomorrow, depending on how quickly our new self-ascenders join us.

For ease of keeping track, maybe we should keep a small track on each post, stating your gods name, PP pool and such?

What do you guys think.     
Doesn't seem like a half bad idea.
Time_Lord, if you'll wait until after the reset, I'd be more than happy to ascend you. I think god of Death-god of Punishment makes somewhat sense.
Well, there you go! I ascended Thought! I hope that's all right with you.
First reset will be tonight at midnight (PST).  In *general* Resets will happen at about this timeframe each week (sometime during the night between saturday and sunday).  

Now to figure out how I want to go about keeping this PP tracking handy.

Oh, a request.  If you beget someone, can you put in that expediture where you want to put the bonus XP?

Anubis, Ara, feel free to just put it here in the OOC.   I'm putting mine in generate. 
Oh shoot, I submitted the PP expenditure but didn't think to put where I wanted the XP. I will put mine in Generate as well. Seems a bit of a no brainer this early on honestly.
When you say 'reset' you're talking about reseting PP, right?

If so, I should probably be spending mine, right?

On a related note, the command action states that different PP costs cover different sized areas. If I spent 2 PP to make an ocean, how big would it be? Like, Pacific Ocean size? Or closer to Carribean Sea size?

And... lets say...

1 PP is a lake/river
2 PP is a large lake/small sea (say, the dead sea or the black sea)
3 PP is probably the size of the carribean

and the pacific is... more  
To note, unused PP can carry over, generally indefinitely, with the caveat that it isn't automatic. So you don't need to feel rushed to spend all your PP asap.
A good point.  

Thoughterston, I await a post from you!  

Time_Lord:  Whoops, knew I missed someone.  I could see you self-ascending as a correlary to a desire for vengance... coming into existence to fulfil a fervent wish on the part of a God or the like.   

I could play it out that way if people are cool with it.
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Time_Lord, if you'll wait until after the reset, I'd be more than happy to ascend you. I think god of Death-god of Punishment makes somewhat sense.

That could work too. lol
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Well I think I'm good with my god now. I've finally made peace with him and I'm ready.

He is A god of protection, not the only one, but one of at least, and while that maybe his scope (portfolio) his primary focus is dragons. His thing is back up on the first page again. and I think I'll self ascend. I have a few ideas on how I am going to do it, and I think it'd be easier to accomplish than by being begetted.

So, once I have the clearance, I'll post in the IC. Until then.....game on!

and if anyone asks, yes you are a god!


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Thoughterston, I await a post from you!  

Be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it.
In general, if that post is too long, just read the short paragraphs.

How many attribute points do we start with?
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Joran, it makes sense for you to show up in conjunction with Time Lord's God... protection against his punishing.  Are you planning on self-ascending?

Thought... okay  
Wait, I thought begetted gods started with one attribute point, or did I read the level list wrong?

As a side note, if it is so necessary, I'll be reserving my PP for next turn. For a plane, actually (yes, I have a plan for a plane that my domain PP would legitimately apply for).
No, they start with 0, we got rid of the starting with 1 a bit ago when we were hashing out the rules.  But thank you for pointing that out to me... I was operating based on the wrong ruleset myself.  Time to go adjust the Levels...

I'm assuming that everyone is saving their PP if they post in the week involved without spending PP

Anyone know a good monster builder?  My old computer had the adventure tools one which I liked pretty well, but I can't download it again as it doesn't exist, and I don't play nearly enough DnD to warrant actually getting a DnDI subscription again.
OK, I've posted.

I don't know if I did that right, or if it's necessary (or possible) for me to create Time, but hey.

Let me know if that's OK. 
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