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I'm looking to go to my first FNM event this month and the closest ones an hours drive so I'm trying to
get ready for it and I've only ever really played with my girlfriend and her brother so I haven't
really tested my deck against anything I would encounter at FNM. I know that decks like Delver and
Solar Flare might be present and I really have no idea how much trouble these are going to give me
with the deck build I want to take there.

This is a deck that I took from an intro pack and have since tweaked it. (I know that Intro packs
will not be competivite at FNM, but as it will be my first event, I wanted to start here.) My
university town is limited on my MTG resources.

I'm looking for any thoughts about what I should do with this deck. I don't want to go past the 
Innistrad block since things will be rotating in about four months.

Bear with me becasue this is not a complete deck:

10 Creatures:
Champion of the Parish
1Gideon's Avenger
4Doomed Traveler
2Unruly Mob
1Grave Titan
1Bloodrage Vampire

** I would like to add 3 Champions and 2 more mobs to the deck. Also, I wanted to use a creature
with Bloodthirst and I know there are other better than BV that I'm using but I wanted to get
some spirit tokens and use those to get my creatures with Bloodthirst out there.

15 Other spells:
3Lingering Souls
4Gather the Townsfolk
4Tragic Slip
3Doom Blade
1Altar's Reap

** I think I should run maybe 1 more Altar's reap which would help ramp up my Mob. Also, I have
2Human Frailty which I would most likely sideboard for facing a human deck. I have 2 Death Wind
but I'm not sure if I would need those since I am running 4 slips. I have in my possession 1Bone Splinters
but again, I do not know if I need it.

Looking at my deck, I don't have any answers for board whipes and I don't know how this would 
hold up for a long game. I feel like I have a lot of holes with this deck.

I am Black/Green
I am Black/Green
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This deck has some potential, but seems to be geared for a different format.  Unruly Mob is ok, but a) you don't have much removal and b) the majority of decks you'll face will either evade or mass wipe your creatures.  Delver has fliers and Stalkers to slip past your stuff and Vapor Snag will shut down a lot of the counters if it does grow, while ramp and control will just kill en masse.  Gideon's Avenger and BV seem like Limited specialists rather than good Constructed cards.  Grave Titan seems odd in this build given you want to go fast.

If you're worried about sweepers, Loyal Cathar fits the Human theme and comes back when it dies.  You could also run Mask of Avacyn in the sideboard to gain a spirit when it dies (Doomed Traveler will give you two.  Honor of the Pure and/or Intagible Virtue will beef your creatures.  Duress in the board is good against control

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All I'm saying is, I don't really see how she goes around petrifying swords and boots and especially mirrors. How the heck does she beat a Panoptic Mirror? It makes no sense for artifacts either. Or enchantments, for that matter. "Well, you see, Jimmy cast this spell to flood the mountain, but then the gorgon just looked at the water really hard and it went away."
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