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Me and my friends have been playing D&D 3.5 once per week for a couple of years now, and it has been much hack`n slash. We have been playing pre made adventures, some from Dungeon magazine. Now I feel it is time for a little change, more role play, and less monster killing. Can somebody tell me where I can find really great role play games. I am looking for something that has max 1 fight per session, and less than this if they players avoid fights. A really well built society with lots of NPC that the players can become allies or enemies with. It does not have to be a complete adventure with everything set up, it is enough if it is just a really well written city/village. It does take a long time to plan something like this, a little help would be very appriciated

And we mostly like to play evil alignment, because who does not want to be evil? But it is usually an easy fix to make a campaign converted from good to evil.

Does anybody have any good advice here? It does not have to be a D&D campaign, but I am going to convert it to D&D, so it would save me l lot of work if it is D&D.
I am going to suggest Monte Cook's World Of Darkness. It is a new take on The World of Darkness published by White Wolf. It is a D20 system and the rules are easily used with any 3.5 edition D&D book. You can add all kinds of things to the setting with just a little bit of imagination. I would try drivethroughrpg.com to start.
Thank you for this tip. I have played a monte cook adventure before, and it was really good. (Can not remember what adventure right now) World of darkness looked promising. Is there anybody else that has more advice on good role play games?
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