Pursteel paladin

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Ok so puresteel is not that great anymore in t2 and is always WW or W/u for draw and fetching via trinket mage and the stalker is nice.

But I want to go Gw I like to play for that early game of mana maker(no birds) t2 play sword of x and y and equip/attack t3. but that's where I am lost.

FNM extended is actually still being played in places and I want to keep the deck in some form of a format where it might do some good.

Puresteel is to week for modern and has no power level for legacy and sense fow is still legal I am never playing legacy same with p9 of vintage. The card pool of extended should give this failed archetype some new life.

So extended it is, my current list is as follows.

So that's where I am at, I had 4 birds and 3 garruk the relentless but I removed them for a powerful GB grave run.

I would love to stay gw cause I have the mana base sorted out already and well my wu lands are tied up in my venser splicer control deck, so no blade splicers.

No other land options right now, I looked around for some ideas but I hate exalted, alwase have, anthem effects are meh and slow at best, even the 2 gavony townships are there for late game hence only 2.

I got 6 slots to fill out and I even think mentor can be removed completely, something better than etched champion would be nice as well.

But in the end of the day its

t1: land, mana dork
t2 land, sword of something
t3 equip on mana dork and attack

But you know extended has some of the best removal spells and green is just that a ramp color.
There is no real efficient creatures to make the deck actually survive, I have no idea. as to what ppl are running in extended cause no one updated this forum.

I see a new influx of new extended happening soon and Iw ant to be prepared for an aggro and or mid range meta.
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