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It was suggested in the Build a City 4.0 thread that it might be nice to build a whole land - so here Goes.


The Hollowed Moon is a land on the inside of the Lunar Shell - hidden away from the Known World...

Well thats all I got for now - If you like to build on it or make suggestions feel free.
The Citadel Megadungeon:


 Lets try something a Little Different here: All races present will be based on some assumption of real world evolution.

The Saluki: A Race evolved from Dogs.

Moscow's Metro Dogs

Stray dogs in Moscow are nothing new — they've been around since the 19th century. But around 500 dogs have started living in the Metro (subway) stations, begging for scraps from passengers. The dogs have developed a keen instinct for which Muscovites are likely to feed them and which ones to avoid — an important survival trait since one Moscow woman stabbed a Metro dog a few years ago. And instead of the strongest or fiercest dog being the Alpha dog of the Metro dog packs, the smartest one generally is, according to experts who've studied them. Not only that, but some of the Metro dogs have learned to ride the subway on their own, apparently recognizing stations based on the conductor calling out their names, plus sense of smell — and this lets them add multiple stations to their territories. 


What the Saluki Know: The Saluki evolved in what was once Populated City as scavengers in - and now occupy A City - long abandoned by the Ancients they remember only as 'The City Builders'. As a consequence they are descended from the smartest and most able. Eventually the 'City Builders' departed - and left the City to them. As its inheritors they have struggled to understand how it was even built - let alone how to maintain it.

The City of the Saluki: It is overgrown with giant trees and great roots and vines to the point where it would seem more a home to Elves but the City - many leveled with Causeways, Aquadeucts, Bridges, Skywalks link numerous towers of Stone is theirs for a long time now. There are even flooded canals between the Towers which the Saluki make use of.

The Citadel Megadungeon:

The Phulaxen: Watchers of the Previous Year

Our Ancient Shark-kin

When looking at any living creature, you should ask yourself two things: Does it have a jaw? Does it have a spinal column? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you share a common ancestor with it — a verydistant common ancestor, but a shared one, nonetheless. Now, research findings published in this week's issue of Nature suggest that ancestor looked an awful lot like a shark.


What the Phulaxen Know
: At some point in the beginning the Ancestors of Men had Shark-like Heads filled with Teeth and Leather hides. But when the Ancients left - Their slaves - The Phulaxen - remained behind as ever watchful Guardians with a Single Task: To attack any who through Divining Power seeks to discern Knowledge of the Past. Anyone using such Magic will open a Portal through which a single Guardian May Pass - and shall be attacked For what they Guard is more dangerous than a mountain of gold.

Whence the Phulaxen Come:  Trapped in the moment of thought, the Phulaxen are bound to the Knowledge of the Past they guard - and now they emerge from that moment each time someone foolishly seeks to Divine the Past.
The Citadel Megadungeon: