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So I'm currently writing the basic outline and character cast of a campaign, but I have a petpeeve with seeing the same classes over and over.. so

I worked out an alternative hybrid system that i wanted to basically require my group to use

The general idea is that the hybrid system was developed to open up new avenues for a player to really make his or her own class but it decided

that the potential for overpowered players was too great, so i decided to do the following, which will be explained by Billy making his new


1.) Class Features and building based on Thematic preference of mechanics
I averaged out the class features of all the classes to 4,

deciding that this was a workable average I figured that this could be used for a base figure, though further math could be used, This is the most

simplistic way to make this work.

Billy wants a character based on magic, shadows and teleportation, he wants to be a magical teleporting swordsman with powers over shadow,

Billy decides he wants to combine the Swordmage with the assassin to create just such a fighter. But there's a problem, he can't have his cake

and eat it too, In order to get teleports he must give up his shade form and must take a feat to get shadow step.

Instead billy approaches his DM, Timmy, Who comes up with the idea of having four class features, allowing Billy to pick 4 features from the two

classes but not allowing the hybrid talent feat until 11th level as a consequence. Billy Decides he wants to take the Assasin's shroud, Shade Form,

and Shadowstep features from the Assassin Class and the Aegis of Assault class feature. Thus allowing Billy to have the class he wishes, with the

right storytelling he can make as much sense of this character as with any other.

2.) Eliminating issues by the  "Primary" and "Secondary" stats for hybrids via a simple system

The example for this is simple Billy has another problem, since he's making a(n almost) custom class, Timmy notices that the personality of

his character is not fitting with the stats he's forced to use, and on top of that, his damage, defenses, and chance to hit are all very low by any

standards. So Timmy the DM approaches Billy again, encouraging the roleplay potential of the character, and tells Billy that he can number his stats

and pick replacements for them, though those replacements are permanant.

Billy wants to be Agile, Intelligent, and charasmatic, he has no interest in being very stong-minded(Will), Stalwart(Con) or athletic(Str), as he

wishes to be a Shade who has become as he is through intent studying, and finally trading part of his soul in return for greater mastery shadow

therefore billy wishes to have his Assassin Dex stat replaced with Intelligence, and then his secondary constistution stat replaced with dex, he

then wishes to replace constitution again for his Swordmage ability with Charisma, and his Strength stat with Dexterity So when he is done, his

primary ability modifier will be Intelligence, his secondary will be Dexterity and his trimary will be Charisma, So now Billy is able to be as he wishes,

He finalizes his choices and then looks to skills, upon questions he asks "How many skills do I have?" the answer to this is simple, it is the sum of

his two classes trainable skills, divided into two and rounded up, Billy finally decids that he wishes to be Stealthy, with the ability to

pickpocket/disarm traps, understand Magic, and finally become diplomatic (made a deal with the shadowfell right?) Now billy is what he wants to

be, A teleporting swordsman who strikes his enemies with fiery magical swipes from the shadows.

Other ideas for simplifying, along with gimps and hold-backs

Health per level and at first level- simply add the bonuses together and divide by two

Armor proficiency- the direct middle of the two armors rounded down if needed

.if one class is proficient in only cloth and another is proficient in plate, then the character would require more mobility than normal and would

therefore take Hide Armor.

Weapon Proficiency- all allowed by either class


the class would be required to have any stats needed, so billy would have a tough time getting those fighter feats

Multiple Pets-

Pets will be combined by category, Familiars with familiars or companions with companions, but not familiars with companions,

The player will chose to either take the lower of the attack or damage mods and either the lower of the defense or health ,

feats for either will apply to the pet but any auras/passive affects (Sentinel wolf CA and BM ranger wolf CA damage boost for example) will require

the mounted combat feat to unlock, thus creating a feat tax

Multi-classing shaman, taking the Sohei theme, The Fey-beast tamer theme, the demonologist path, or any other similar feat/theme/paragon

path/ect will also result in combo Familiars will provide one half of each bonus applied unless the arcane familiar feat is taken, at which point the

whole bonus will be applied and one more familiar worth of the health/defense debuffs can be chosen by the player or DM to be remapped upon

such a feat/theme being taken. in any case the creature in question is to be considered having all of the keywords listed on any companion.

Paragon and up?

At Paragon Billy wishes to gain swordbond, as he has become a shadow blade assassin (With stats from the paragon path powers/feats applying

to his mods of the Assasin stats) , he wishes to show that he can have two blades and has multi-classes to gain the two-weapon fighting feat

(Those extra standard array points just went to str let's say :P), as such billy wants the Longsword he has been carrying and re-enchanting since

he was knighted by the princess of Magical fairyhappyland (Just some B.-ogu-S. circumstance you you know what I mean) to become special, As

such he wishes to bond with the sword. Timmy tells him that he can finally now take the hybrid talent feat, as such billy is now able to have both

of his swords, each being bonded directly to him, one through shadow and one through arcane, he is truly a master of his craft.

Billy the Swordmage assassin is now a legend amongst Magicalfairlyland and will surely defeat the Beholder-bugbear alliance before they unleash

their eternal autumn on the world... Hey i never said timmy came up with good storylines >.> 

So anyways the general idea is to have an alternative build, as the DM i know that this may lead to some power issues, though i've attempted to

work kinks out, we all know that there is no evading min-maxers, but there is encouraging them to role-play in interesting ways, Through this

system there are less of the issues involving over-complexity and overgimping of powers, but there will also be more diversity, allowing for more

viable builds and therefore feasibly unlimited potential for interesting ideas and combinations, thus making the game less boring.

Bravo! I would like to hear how it works out for you.

May be a bit buggy and power-wonky, but the roleplay ought to be worth the build. ^_^
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