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Hi! I have been playing a pixie bard named Tiddleybanks for a few months now but I have no defining characteristics to play him with. He very much loves the Summer Queen, takes freedom very seriously and is a force for good. I try to play out his impulsiveness when making decisions like a child and his bitterness when he is scorned. But other than that I dont know how else to play him. I feel like he is a very bland character and i dont know enough about pixies to spruce him up. Does anyone else play a pixie or have background ideas for playing a pixie? Tiddley doesnt have any background story so its all up in the air. Any help is appreciated! Thank you
The Ten Minute Background forum (At the top of the Character Development forum list) has not only great tools for creating a background, but also may contain a character just like yours. Simply search the posts for Pixies for ideas and thoughts.

Best of luck.


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