Session 4 Map Design

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Is it just me, or does this design not make much sense. Why it there a split between where the characters start, and the gate. And, why would intellegent adversaries split themselves up on both sides, particularly when one path just dead ends? Seem really strange to me.

As to why the party would split up, there is the need to use the lever, which is on the other side. What I don't like is having the NPCs deal with that side. It has the feel of an unnecessary addition, just to give them something to do. And it basically wastes the threat the other monsters represent, because the NPCs need to survive since they factor into the plot of later encounters.
- Rico

I don't know. I'm planning on using Thalinder as a total show-boat so the PCs will kill him off in Chapter 2.

The players hate DMPCs almost as much as I do....