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I just want to share a part of my game this weekend, I'm so proud of my player!!!

His name is David. It's his third D&D session ever! He was in a game for two sessions, but I switched him to another. He then creates his character, a Tiefling Sorcerer.

The game is...

My players are in a Gnome city which is trapped underground! The only way to get out is to activate the 8 temples...The problem is that gnomes can't enter these temples!

The players were slaves but fled and ended up in the Gnomes' City. The gnomes asked the players if they could go in the 8 temples and free them! ( And by the same time, save themselves! ) So they began...

But since the Tiefling arrived later in the game, he wasn't a slave, he was already trapped with the gnomes from the begining. This tiefling lived with them, had his house and a job.

Now, the players' got a probleme with Opacitas, the Queen of Darkness and they need to seek a way to deal with it. They're informed that "The Federation" could help them! The biggest guild of the city. Engineers, artificiers, miners, all work for The Federation!

The players ask to the Federation what to do and the answer is:"Well, we'll talk about it...We'll close the door of our HQ and no one is getting out before we got a solution!"

And, David says:"Oh No! Last time you closed those doors, you were locked for 2 weeks!"

I was surprise that he added this touch to my game! Especially coming from a new player! So I had to come with a reason why they locked themselves for two weeks but it was a magic moment!

We are always the same group of players together, David is new in the group and in the game. He really surprised me.

Just wanted to share this pearl with you! It's always fun for a DM to have situation like this!
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Nice. It's definitely cool when players add details the DM didn't think of but which fit perfectly (or can be made to fit perfectly) within the story.

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It's natural that a forum like this draws complaints and cries for help from DMs who find the game isn't going as well as they hoped, but it's always good to hear about the good things that Players and DMs do to make the game magic!
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I agree with Yronimos, Kudos to your player and to you for posting it. Smile